Last-Hit Defense v1.1.3 MOD APK (No Skill CD, Always Critical)

Last-Hit Defense MOD APK v1.1.3

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Android 7.0
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(No Skill CD, Always Critical)
Jan 26, 2023
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Last-Hit Defense MOD APK

Level up your heroes and place them on monster defense towers in Last-Hit Defense. Evil monsters are coming towards you, and you must learn how to fend off them. As there are monsters, so are the heroes and ready to take your side. You must accompany your hero to protect from monsters and perform knockdowns. Each building will be erected for your hero to protect the devil’s progress. In this fight you can each increase your strength and number of heroes. Fight to protect yourself and your hero from monsters with defense towers.

Last-Hit Defense MOD APK

Monsters appear and head towards you to attack at the fastest speed. But you can enlist the help of heroes and they will be happy to help you overcome your challenges. Therefore, you must have a strategy for advancing monsters. The measure is a tower. This is where your hero will fight you and attack your enemies. The hero’s attack gradually defeats the enemy until the last episode. This will help your hero gain experience points to level up and build buildings. Use your abilities and build towers for heroes to bravely fight monsters.

Download Last-Hit Defense mod – Defend monsters with heroes

This world greets you with hordes of overpowering monsters that constantly attack you. Getting them into battle when it’s uncertain is an experience, but you’ll understand soon enough. Monsters that hate humans will come forward and attack you, whether you are weak or strong. Your appearance has awakened nature within them, and you are forced to fight. But you don’t have to face the monsters alone, but there are heroes to help. The tower is where the hero fights monsters and collects experience points. Fighting is about supporting each other, so upgrade your heroes to help fend off monsters.

Last-Hit Defense MOD

Attacking monster

You have to take part in fighting the monsters, and understanding them will help the heroes and you a lot. Their attacks are purposeful and always directed at you and your hero. Each monster has different stats, but it is very harmful in battle. Monsters will come towards you and your hero from all directions, so defense is essential. If you beat the beast don’t get too excited because there’s a monster boss behind you. The demons who go first are just the way the boss follows, and you will meet them soon. Witness the brutality of demons and stop their advance with your hero.

Last-Hit Defense MOD

Defensive organization

Heroes know the danger of monsters and decide to help you fight. They are powerful and versatile people who function as warriors or mages in battle. Depending on your hero’s abilities against monsters, you can provide them with suitable weapons. The heroes on the tower don’t hesitate to build defense systems and increase their strength. Heroes are the front lines that help gauge your monster’s abilities and take orders from there. Crews increase your hero’s strength step by step, from finishing enemies with knockdowns, to leveling up the defensive clique that unites you and your hero to keep fighting monsters.

Defense tower

Heroes support you to fight, and you decide to build a tower. This place is temporarily guarded by heroes from all directions, where there is a possibility of a surprise attack by monsters. Building towers can be constructed with gems to increase your hero’s power. You can also enhance the tower’s skills and continue fighting while the hero is inside. Bring your heroes to the defensive buildings you build to strengthen them to fight. A combination of tower and hero is the best countermeasure against monsters. Fight monsters with hero kills and level up your achievements.

Heroes appear to block the monsters that are coming towards you from all sides and attacking you. You have outside support, and you too must contribute to this fight. To win battles you need to build battle towers. Monsters come from all sides and you need buildings to prevent them. The heroes will follow your direction to construct a defense system and fend off enemies. We will support them in any way, such as upgrading the hero’s defense towers and skills. Download the last hit defense mod and join the battle with heroes in the monster defense tower.

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