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Manuganu 2

Looking for similar games? Then come Manuganu 2. Manuganu 2 is a game written on a computing platform with friendly gameplay. Manuganu 2 is back with a lot of action and features completely different from Part 1. New explorations and missions promise to give players a lot of fun. Let’s find out what’s special about Manuganu 2 game.

Manuganu 2 MOD APK

Download Manuganu 2 mod – overcome the challenge of the fire demon

Continuing the plot of the previous part, the game revolves around a boy named Manuganu. Manuganu and her little friend go on an adventure but Manuganu’s friend is unfortunately kidnapped. Manuganu is looking for a way to rescue her friend from Goya Coca. You will be a Manuganu Aboriginal boy running, jumping, swimming, climbing and performing challenges with lots of moves to pass the screen. But these challenges aren’t easy to eat at all. You will play the story. Boy Manuganu must clear the game to find his lost friend. How to save that friend, of course, is not easy. There are always difficulties and dangers ahead. Then what will Manugannu go through? Download Manuganu 2 and look forward to it.

Manuganu 2 MOD

A fire demon sounds scary, right? Manuganu has to go through 40 levels of different difficulty. Each level is a story. . The game features 4 epic bosses with unmatched power. This boss only appears at the end of each level. They are aggressive and will chase you very hard. You hear the sound of sharp teeth waiting to swallow you whole. During this time, players must control Manuganu to run fast across dangerous obstacles.

Reminds me of my childhood

right. This game will definitely bring back many childhood memories because the tasks are exceptionally close. The gameplay of Mario and Temple Run are seamlessly combined. Like Mario, Manuganu moves forward automatically and avoids hitting obstacles that await you. Also, Manuganu is similar to Temple Run. This is because the player must control the character to run, jump in the direction of the blue coin, and avoid the boss. During the game, the player just needs to observe the obstacles ahead and pay attention to point the character in the direction of the money. However, Manuganu 2 offers more diverse actions such as flying far, jumping high, swimming, and diving into the deep sea…

Manuganu 2  APK

Variety of actions

Manuganu 2 adds more engaging challenges. Manuganu carries out the mission independently. Traverse the rough mounds. Or you might slip on a rugged wooden bridge. Use colorful mushrooms to make high jump pedals. To perform these actions, the player simply needs to click on the green arrow on the right to move in that direction. And the red X on the left is to hit the brakes to wait for an opportunity to overcome a challenge along the way. Plus, every time you complete a level, Manuganu will help you unlock new skills. This new skill is useful in the next level.

Fun graphics and sounds

The scene in the game Manuganu 2 is like the Stone Age. Adorable 2D and 3D graphics. Very funny sounds and beating drums make players feel like they are living in a certain tribe. This place has a very pleasant and secluded feel of nature. This is because this is a territory owned by a fire demon. The ground is dry and under the scorching sun. Plants here are mainly prickly succulents. The color combinations in the game are also very detailed, light, harmonious and playful.

Mainly through Manuganu 2’s movement with two green and red buttons on the screen, players will easily get used to this gameplay. This game doesn’t require any strategy or layout. Players only need to quickly get through traps, predators, crevices in the mountains or boiling lava from below. Life-threatening challenges lie ahead. But don’t worry if you’re unlucky in the race. You still have plenty of chances to play again and close the distance between you and your best friend. Download the Manuganu 2 mod and help Manuganu rescue his friend from being held by a fire demon.

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