Girl Cafe Gun v1.0.9 MOD APK (Damage,Defense Multiplier)

Girl Cafe Gun MOD APK v1.0.9

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Android 5.0
Android Android 5.0 Action
1.7 GB
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(Damage,Defense Multiplier)
Jun 27, 2022
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Girl Cafe Gun MOD APK

What could be better than running a cafe with lovely girls in Girl Café Gun? The unique combination of combat and new shop management encourages players to rethink and enjoy to the fullest. Girl Cafe Gun is a game about managing a restaurant. You are the boss of a large coffee shop. Of course, you’re not the only one working here, and a pretty girl is also chosen to take on the customer service. However, if you only manage the cafe, you don’t look very happy. So what if you do business while fighting monsters?

Download Girl Cafe Gun mod – Grow your cafe and save the world

A game that looks so simple and cute has a very long and complex plot. Girls Café Gun is a work that depicts the process of restoring the world after a disaster. The protagonist runs her own cafe and commands her service girls to battle. They fight against forces that have brought disaster to the world. Complex character development and campaign mechanics. Girl Café Gun promises to be another epic and engaging mobile blockbuster game.

After being affected by a mysterious energy source called Ionus. The Earth has suffered the outbreak of an extremely horrific global catastrophe. Fortunately, the protagonist who survived the disaster is tasked with finding the cause of this horrific event. Princess Island will be the starting point for a long journey soon to come. On this journey you will meet many girls with special powers. Add them to your 8 squad to fight against the Archdemons. They are strange beings that appear after a disaster and wreak havoc everywhere. At the same time, you will run a cafe to decorate and earn more money.

Cute 2D characters

True to the game’s name, the girls’ main weapon will be a variety of high-tech guns. Position your formations so that the girls are in a specific position for each battle. This makes an essential contribution to the girls’ attacks changing based on their respective positions. The battle takes place in a modern city set in a futuristic world. You can see the 3D superstructure created. Enemies in all kinds of levels are no exception.

Run your coffee shop

Since you are the main character, it does not appear on the in-game screen. The rest of the girls are beautiful and realistic 2D simulations. It’s like watching an anime. There are many girls with special abilities to fight. They will also be your staff in this post-apocalyptic cafe. Every girl has a unique personality based on her voice. You can touch to increase the intimate interaction between characters. Send gifts to girls to bring them closer to you. The most important thing is to power up with various resources. Obviously you will need the coordination of these beautiful girls on the battlefield.

Interactive and deep storyline

This cafe will be present from the very beginning of the game. The girls fighting alongside you will also be entrusted with serving the staff here. We are always open to welcome guests. Even the costumes of the girls are transformed into the kind of serving you want to see. It will increase your profits and make you rich. The interior decoration of this cafe is the most important activity. Tables and chairs for customers to sit on, vending machines, pool tables, game machines…

It is a mistake to think that communication with the characters in the game is simply gifts and communication. Since the beginning of Girl Café Gun’s debut, there have been many stories about various characters. Now you can not only fight them, but also understand the story behind each character. Why are these girls here and where does the fight come from. The more you talk, the better your interactions will be. Private message the girls on social media and learn about each individual life before working here. If you’re curious, you’ll find out more interesting facts.

Also, run a cafe to earn extra income and listen to the stories of the characters. This strange but lovely combination is enticing gamers to download the Girl Cafe Gun mod more and more.

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