Rope Hero v3.5.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill Points)

Rope Hero MOD APK v3.5.2

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Action
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(Unlimited Skill Points)
Jan 11, 2023
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Rope Hero MOD APK

Do you want to dream of becoming a superhero with a noble mission? If not, remember the past. GameDVA certainly had that wish when they were little. Rope Hero is a game where you can fulfill your unfinished dreams through immersive action gameplay. You are in a city with many active gangs. The police were almost completely bribed for their crimes. You will be a key element in this city’s rebuilding campaign. It has special mobility like Spider-Man and can use weapons. Rope Hero has fair battles that don’t exist.

Rope Hero MOD APK

Download Rope Hero mod – Destroy criminal gangs in the city

You are one of the few remaining items in the vast city rope hero. He does not give up on his fate controlled by the villains. Players must stand up, infiltrate the headquarters and destroy the system. But first you need to know how it works. There are also other titles like Stumble Guys and StrikeFortressBox. In each game’s story, you get action-packed gameplay to conquer your opponents.

Rope Hero MOD

Free gameplay

The underground activities of many criminal gangs enter the city. If you accept the lives of ordinary people, you won’t see any impact. Rope Hero is designed with 3D graphics that give players battles with beautiful quality. The balance of justice in this city has been paralyzed and the police are no longer on the people’s side. So don’t be surprised if you do good and are pursued by them. Cops are now like bandits during the day, they are gangsters and take money from them. I can’t continue doing this any longer. Use your skills and weapon system in the game to stop the villain from expanding.

Rope Hero APK

Players must infiltrate an underground crime syndicate. But it doesn’t do it right away. The player has to do the job first. Face off against the real men’s minions behind the scenes. This is not an easy task, but you must face this challenge if you want your city to be peaceful and free from crime. If the battle is too intense or you feel tired, you can just drive and see the city. Rope Hero offers virtually open-ended gameplay so you don’t have to strain yourself. Relax and prepare whenever you feel like fighting.

Characters and weapons

If you ask what is the most important thing in a rope hero, wouldn’t it be the character and the weapon? As you know, choosing just one is a bit difficult because superheroes have the ability to attack without using weapons. But he can’t complete the difficult task with anything. Rope Hero allows the player to customize his character and choose a gun to attack enemies. It’s full of normal or powerful weapons. The amount you can carry is limited, so choose what you think you need. Naturally, players can purchase more weapons over the course of the game, but that takes time.

Other equipment

Rope Hero still has plenty of equipment for characters to use, including vehicles, ammo, and skill upgrades. You have the ability to move fast, but you still have to learn how to control a motorcycle, bicycle, and umbrella. A car, helicopter or tank. Always useful, especially for dodging attacks. For example, when you are surrounded by enemies it is always safer to sit inside your tank than to stand outside with no cover. Rope Hero creates maximum conditions that will help you master the battle and complete your crime elimination mission.

If this situation continues to deteriorate, society will collapse. Therefore, you must be the one to change that dark future by acting bravely. Download the Rope Hero mod to find out how to infiltrate gangster organizations and destroy their leaders.

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