Tower Gunner MOD APK (Menu/Rapid Fire/No Recoil) 0.0.79

Tower Gunner MOD APK (Menu/Rapid Fire/No Recoil) v0.0.79

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Feb 2, 2023
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Tower Gunner MOD APK (Menu/Rapid Fire/No Recoil)

Return to the ancient world and stop the zombie invasion in our Top Gunner game. An army of brutal zombies has invaded the old world and don’t expect any accidents. Everyone couldn’t resist. They were overrun by zombies and pushed to the last stage. In the ancient world, there was only a castle to fend off zombies and the people living there. But zombies have invaded all the courts. Only the last tower remains. However, there is still one defense attorney here. He is the guardian of the court. Use your ancient arsenal to fight zombies and protect the court for all survivors.

Tower Gunner MOD APK

The zombie plague also affected the ancient world and everyone kept hiding. But everywhere, including the ruler’s castle, has been invaded by zombies. In front of zombies, all defenses seem weak and can be defeated. In the entire ancient world there is only one tower left that can withstand waves of zombies. However, they still show their strength by gradually taking over the towers you defend. The power of the old arsenal will give you the tools to bravely fend off all the undead. Fight for everyone alive in castle and stop zombies from advancing.

Download Top Gunner mod – Prevent zombies from attacking the ancient castle

Zombies are charging towards the tower you are defending and won’t stop. They want to destroy the world by devouring everyone who lives in the building. But we won’t let zombies achieve their goals with defensive guns. But defense won’t be easy, as every zombie will enter the tower individually. To stop them, you have to move your gun and shoot down the zombies. Killing all the zombies will temporarily pass each wave of zombies. Complete missions to fend off zombies and defend ancient towers to protect survivors.

Zombie appears

Undead accidents appeared in the ancient world, which may not be a coincidence. They appear in large numbers become increasingly ferocious as they move towards tower. The zombies are so powerful that the previous castles couldn’t stop them. However, the final building is where everyone’s lives are contained and cannot be easily destroyed. So you need to prepare your battle guns to protect everyone inside. There will be more and more zombies under the tower and your preparations will not be wasted. Zombies have appeared, and the only thing you can do is keep everyone inside safe.

Invasion level

At first, the zombies despised a tower with only one guard like you. This is when they appear in small numbers and start attacking the castle. You can stop the zombies quickly, but they will realize that attacking your tower is not as easy as you think. Thus, they will fully advance and level up the zombies they attack. Defending this tower will give you dozens of zombie challenges. So either way you have to be brave and stop the attacking zombies. Complete each level of zombie invasion and get rewarded for enduring the undead.

Anti-zombie arsenal

You will encounter a series of advancing zombies and you will have access to an old arsenal. This world is full of weapons against enemies even guns. They are now very influential in defending against zombie levels. As the zombies advance, you can easily destroy each zombie under the tower. And of course, besides using your weapons against the zombies, you’ll also need to upgrade your items. Things like bombs and gun ammo will help you defend your tower. The arsenal is now yours and you use it to fight zombies.

Zombies have advanced to the ancient world and quickly took over the castle. The people there had never experienced an accident like this, and were quickly overpowered by zombies one by one. But fortunately, the world is in the shape of a zombie exterminator just like you. You must also return to the ancient world and fight waves of the undead. Your battlefield is now a castle where everyone lives. They are terrified by the appearance of zombies and only you can resist the invading levels. Download the tower gunner mod to use your gun to enter the tower and fend off the undead.

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