Swordash v2.0.11 MOD APK (No Dash Cost, One Hit)

Swordash MOD APK v2.0.11

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Android Android 4.4 and up Action
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(No Dash Cost, One Hit)
Jan 12, 2023
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Swordash MOD APK

One female character can oppose them in this game. This is the character you are playing in the thrilling action game Swordfish. Choose mind-altering styles for seamless gameplay in a variety of battles. Your arsenal will require you to master and use actions large and small to face difficult and exhausting enemies, but you will gradually get more used to the pace of the game. In Swordash action with female characters, you can easily figure out how to defeat your enemies with reassuringly extreme individual player skills.

Swordash MOD APK

Download Swordfish mod – A girl character fighting for rescue

After choosing a strategy for your female character, evolve your sword ash game girl skills to become a strong character who is good at handling weapons. Get powerful moves after each level against the most powerful enemies. A skill with an ultimate skill is a skill with strong explosive power, so it is a skill to be used most effectively in battle because the timing and conditions for using it are quite confusing. Each skill is paired with and compatible with different weapons. Ultimate weapons are numerous in the game in parallel to war against each other. Travel and discover unique new weapon collections in Swordfish. Opponents are waiting for you to challenge and defeat to free the world from the game.

Weapons Challenge

Weapons require players to become familiar with their multiple uses. Combine them all and skillfully defeat the opponents the player has to face. Guns need to understand the principles of the female action game Swordfish. It adapts to everything on your body: battlefield armor, hats, shirts, skirts, guns, knives. Learn how to use the game mechanics and you’ll easily conquer everything. Players are constantly exploring and learning a lot of interesting things from our excellent arsenal to use all features and capabilities. Other maneuvers use weapons with a smooth combination of everything.

Swordash MOD

Defeat the boss monster

Preliminary levels allow players to learn how to play Swordash as quickly and easily as possible with small monsters that can be easily defeated with a small amount of health. As people rose up, they called their big brother louder and stronger. Skills and excellent stamina evolve with each game screen to make it more exciting. Damage-dealing abilities or powerful mobs constantly attacking the player. Abundance of blood and gore can also damage a player’s character. All enemies of the player are very unpredictable and evolve.

Collect weapons equipment

Each equipment item of the game’s female characters increases their strength and aesthetics. Only combat weapons such as knives, guns, hammers, bows, and grenades do damage. However, there are also things that can beautify and enhance combat power, such as armor, hats, earrings, necklaces, scarves, bags, and skirts… Swordash’s arsenal of weapons and equipment is vast and plentiful, allowing players to choose according to their taste or unique personality style, without limiting themselves to new ideas.


Action game titles are all going in the same character-building direction when players get tired of male characters with powerful fighting weapons. Swordash brings a new breath of great fun full of fun to attract more players. Unique and refreshing when dressed up as a rugged female action figure. Combat science research can make women just as strong as men. Download Swordash mod rpg mysterious hero girl to fight evil enemies.

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