Radiation City v1.0.2 MOD APK + OBB (Full Game)

Radiation City MOD APK v1.0.2 b35

April 11, 2024 Action
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1.0.2 b35
Android 5.0
Android Android 5.0 Action
1.2 GB
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MOD/APK (Full Game)
Oct 11, 2019
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Radiation City MOD APK


There are many survival adventure games on the Google Store, but few are worth playing. Yes, very few team processes have good graphics quality, music, fantastic sound, epic gameplay and other class features. So today, we all join me at the Radiation City match. Radiation City is one of the newest games on the Google Play Store and doesn’t have millions of downloads, but if we talk about the white limited usage rating, they’re all fantastic. This game has everything in excellent quality whether we are talking about graphics or gameplay in the coming hours. This game goes to Boom Hindi Google Play Store. The game’s story is quite unique, in which you, the protagonist, find yourself in trouble and trapped in a clean, radioactively lit new city. Yes,

Radiation City MOD APK

The journey will be very tough and adventurous so we are here with a modified version to help all gamers on their adventure journey. As the main hero, your mission is to evacuate all people from all radiation areas. You must destroy all radiation affecting millions of lives in your city. In the meantime, you will face many other problems, but the very important problem you will encounter to save the city is not zombies. After passing a few levels in the game, you will encounter many zombies that will try to harm you. But your mission is to save the city from radiation and harmful zombies. A modified version to help you on this adventurous journey and in every possible way, with all the premium benefits, stay with you forever. no more delay,

Radiation City Mod APK

Radiation City Mod APK is a modified and alternative variant of the official Radiation City game. As we all know, Radiation City games are developed by generic donation companies, but other gaming community independent developers create alternative versions. The original version of Radium City has made everything about the graphics, gameplay, storyline or overall gaming experience in fantastic quality. Nonetheless, there’s just one problem that many people don’t like. This is a premium paid feature. Many young college students and others who don’t have a lot of money can’t afford Radiation City’s premium game features that will help you all. We are here with Radiation City Mod APK that gives you all the premiums and benefits without spending a dime. What’s more, you won’t suffer from a single ad while enjoying this game forever. With a modified version of the ring, swim all you can with an upgrade experience and a full game atmosphere that will help you in the Radiation City game.

Astonishing features of Radiation City MOD APK

I’ve heard many thrilling stories about his amazing game. Still, you will be surprised to know the exact powerful features of this game and its modified version, Radiation City MOD APK. Yes, this game offers many classic features and a whole world to explore. So, without further delay, take a closer look at the unique features.

Radiation City MOD

Attack on Zombies

Many dangerous creatures like wolf, tiger, dragon and more. Besides those noxious creatures, you will witness zombies, ghosts and all other evil people. Everyone is trying to destroy you and your mission is to save yourself. Fighting all those harmful creators is not an easy journey and Zombie Swar modified version will help you in every possible way. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about short tricks and exact weaknesses of all the creatures you can kill quickly.

Epic gameplay with a thrilling storyline

Many years have passed, and the 40 years since the recent Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident have plagued many people’s lives. Yes, fate takes you to the meticulously recreated region of the city of Pripyat. There you must fight for survival and identity. Join the fight against zombies and animals trying to destroy your beloved city. You’ve already lost everything in your city in a nuclear tragedy, but with enough effort you can still save and restore an entire village. Uncover unique stories, solve mysteries and defend your loved ones. Radiation City MOD APK provides all kinds of help in this adventurous journey.

Endless supply of coins and other resources

In Radiation City MOD APK you are on a journey of challenging tasks and crazy things like zombies and other harmful creatures will attack you. You’ll need additional resources and newly released accessories to stay on guard and win every war. So, in this modified version, we give you an infinite supply of coins that will help you buy all resources and accessories for free.

Radiation City APK

Classic graphics with an Easy and smooth user interface

Radiation City MOD APK contains high quality HD graphics that will give you a very realistic feel while enjoying. Yes, HD graphics of the game will make it much more attractive and attractive to all gamers. Apart from this, you can enjoy the classic and smooth user interface. Yes, the success of any game depends entirely on its user interface and here the UI of this game is very smooth and unique. Controlling all functions and buttons of the game is so easy that you will become a pro player in no time.


Download Radiation City Mod APK and enjoy all classic premium benefits. Yes, you will want an endless supply of coins, new levels to unlock, access to new VIP premium resources and more. Also, with this Radiation City MOD APK you will not see any ads while using it for hours. An additional modified version is free of police coronavirus. It features a fully optimized user interface so you won’t get bored and anxious while using it. No more boring stories, let’s dive into the game and play for free.

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