Lords of the Fallen APK 1.1.3

Lords of the Fallen APK v1.1.3

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Feb 24, 2017
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Lords of the Fallen APK

In this cruel world, the strong survive and the weak perish. The archetypal world of this truth has always been a fallen lord in which warriors appear. They fight to rid their kingdom of evil. Do not let darkness enter their homes. Bring lasting peace to this land of crops and trees. Justice will never disappear as long as there are people who believe in it and continue to fight.

Lords of the Fallen APK

Download Lords of the Fallen – Conquer the evil darkness

Lords of the Fallen is irresistible spiritual food. Hand-to-hand combat between knights in attractive 3D graphics. Shining swords and massive armor in the fiercest battles. Only capable and talented warriors can stand here. It’s a great entertainment tool for an affordable price to own. Feel the battle cry and the hot breath of clashing weapons.

Lords of the Fallen APK free

Aware of the evil queen’s evil plot, the heroes gathered to enter the abandoned monastery. From this monastery there is a path leading to the death of the dark world. They must destroy this physical force once and for all in order to eliminate the scourge of humanity. You will be the effective right hand to lead them to victory. Master the basic controls of Lords of Fallen. Fight to accumulate more valuable experience for yourself.

Against giant monsters

Demons born in darkness always obey the orders of the demon king. She must be strong enough to fight the flowing dark forces. These people are much bigger than you. Not only that, their attacks are more dangerous than normal monsters. It can also change shape depending on how much health it loses during battle. Each transformation makes you more dangerous, but at the same time more fragile. Take advantage of their deadly weaknesses and attack them. If you know how to attack, you have a half chance of winning.

Lords of the Fallen APK mod

Create an invincible hero

You can create a character in your direction. Choose your profession and start your long journey. These heroes have their own way of fighting, using magic or physical weapons. If you’re a swordsman, your melee attacks do higher damage and have more resistance. However, mobility is worse than other character classes. Or, if you choose a mage, your magical powers can do massive damage. This spell can have a variety of effects on enemies. Once you’ve mastered your own playstyle, you’ll know how to overcome your character’s quirks.

Forging weapons and armor

The forge will be a place you will have to visit frequently to change gear. Here you will craft legendary weapons and the toughest armor. Each weapon or armor requires a unique material to craft. When you’ve collected enough, just hit the forge and your masterpiece will be in your hands in no time. Marvel at the new powers it gives your character. High-rarity materials are the most important for crafting legendary weapons. Its properties are superior to those of the mass market. Find the gear set that best suits your character. Don’t stop challenging the strongest monsters.

Having a good weapon makes surviving on the battlefield much easier. But don’t be subjective, because if you bluff their damage, you’ll end up with a very tragic end. Never underestimate your enemies unless you feel they are different in strength and level. Monsters in Lords of the Fallen mode will give you the biggest battles. Just being able to defeat them in the arena is a reward that rightfully belongs to you. Precious things will fall without you even seeing them. The fight against darkness is never meaningless.

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