DEAD WARFARE: Zombie v2.23.3 MOD APK (High Damage, God Mode)

DEAD WARFARE: Zombie MOD APK v2.23.3

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Android 4.4
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(High Damage, God Mode)
Mar 22, 2022
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DEAD WARFARE: Zombie goes to war with the prospect that the world is increasingly controlled by monsters. You are a member of MPS-16 tasked with fighting the destruction of the undead. Honest people are hiding ruined buildings underground. The player’s task is to destroy monsters that will help them return to normal life. You are not alone in this war and you always have teammates to help you. Not only people, but also scientists need protection. They were researching methods of immunizing against monsters, but they were surrounded on all sides. Rescue with your gun to give the researchers more time.’

Download DEAD WARFARE: Zombie MOD – Invasion of the undead

In 2072, the dense appearance of monsters makes the gunmen extremely difficult. A campaign that takes players against all types of enemies in all streets. See the danger around you and don’t hesitate to pull the trigger immediately to kill the monster. It’s disgusting to come close to you with a look of horror that can sometimes frighten you. Look in all directions and fire immediately, causing the monster to fall in front of you. Villains always pay off. DEAD WARFARE: Zombie is a game about advocating for justice.

With some practice games, DEAD WARFARE: Zombie helps players easily get used to the game modes. Learn to use specific attacks, targeting and gun attacks. The head is always a dangerous position. If hit in such a position, each monster attack will consume fewer bullets. Instead of firing indefinitely, players should aim not to waste magazines. This also reduces relativistic reload times. Giant bosses are always a nightmare for you and your teammates. It has great destructive power and resistance to weapons, making it a real challenge for gunners.

4-player mode at the same time

DEAD WARFARE: Zombie gives you allies, but you can change your character’s controls in battle. For example, in a game screen with 4 players, you can choose to control all characters. Customize the game mode to your liking to get the results you want.

Much like the way monsters appear, there are plenty of battles to engage in. That is, the game mode you can experience in DEAD WARFARE: Zombie. At first, the campaign was a hard mode. Players must unlock each level to advance to the next chapter. But DEAD WARFARE’s most special feature is its Arena mode, Survival. To participate in these two modes, unlock them by completing game screens in Campaign Mode.

Fight with many different battles

These two factors cannot be ignored in an FPS game like DEAD WARFARE: Zombie. Both male and female can easily choose the character they want. Shane, Andrew, Harry, and Michael are representative names that can be fitted right away. You will need to spend gold to recruit the warriors you want.

When it comes to weapons, DEAD WARFARE: Zombie has all kinds of guns to fight monsters. M202 Flash, Minigun, M14 EBR… A powerful gun that can confidently take on any monster. Slightly pull the trigger and the corpse will slowly and quickly fall under your feet.

Warehouse with character system, rich weapons

DEAD WARFARE: While the tasks become increasingly difficult, the zombies also need to improve their characters and weapons. Blood and defense are the two indicators for each character, and you must collect items by finding pieces or participating in campaigns as needed. When it comes to weapons, there are many things to upgrade: damage, stability, speed, reload, ammo, crit, etc. Upgrading weapons is simpler. All you need is enough money to upgrade instantly.

Upgrade characters and weapons

DEAD WARFARE: Zombies are actually more attractive when you engage in PvP mode. Compete against other players around the world as you rob everything from enemy bases while protecting your base. Download DEAD WARFARE: Zombie MOD. Battles in a chaotic world are waiting for you to solve.

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