Star Zone MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Skills) 3.12

Star Zone MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Skills) v3.12

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Sep 28, 2022
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Star Zone MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Skills)

Defend the galaxy land from enemy starship attack in the star zone. Take a spacecraft and go on an intergalactic adventure into space. Traveling out of the vast universe, you can discover many new knowledge. However, traveling in outer space comes with many potential dangers. And this finally happened when many unique spaceships appeared in front of you. They are enemy space patrols and you are considered space enemies. You have to overcome the attacks of the enemy ships and continue your exploration.

The vast world beyond the galaxy is still where you want to go on a journey of discovery. And you moved into outer space with the spacecraft you created. But you don’t have solid stamina to take with you and you’ve become an attack target. Some enemies already have plans to colonize space and don’t want to be disturbed. And your invasion of space is called trespassing, and you are the target of attack. An enemy ship has appeared and attacked you without any explanation. You control a spacecraft in space to beat enemy attacks.

Your dream of space adventure has successfully come true. And the vehicle you use to go out into space is a spaceship. It is a base to roam all the planets and discover things that humanity has never known. However, your appearance has influenced the alien race’s intrigue. They built spaceships and sent armies into invasive space. And since they don’t want their plans revealed, they will gather details to ruin you. Fight enemy space attacks and keep your ship safe.

You are the pilot of a spaceship going into space to explore. This is plenty of space with various planets for information gathering. But you still don’t know if there are any dangers in outer space that affect you. Therefore, weapons were also assembled on the hull in case of an attack. And there are many meteors in space and they can hit you. But enemy patrol ships are the most dangerous enemies you will face. They have invaded the planet and have decided to sabotage your space travel.

Enemies have appeared outside the spacecraft used for space exploration. You are besieged and you have to destroy them to be safe and return to the world. Your spaceship is loaded with weapons and ready to face enemy spaceships. Outer space is dangerous and perfect for setting up defensive guns. Confronting enemy attacks will test your firepower. So it’s best to pilot your spacecraft to constantly destroy enemies outside. Use your reflexes to shoot down enemy ships.

Your spacecraft in outer space has encountered enemy space patrols. They plan to destroy the planet and quietly launch a lightning strike. So nothing leaked out, and you were the first to discover this conspiracy. But you also become a target for enemy starship troops to attack. The outer asteroid has been destroyed and all you have to do is fight back the invaders. You can only get out of space by destroying the enemy ship. Challenge your space survival and complete your journey.

You accidentally discovered a plot to conquer the universe with cosmic powers. Without space travel they will continue to destroy the outside world. Waves of enemy ships surround your ship, and you must fight back. Your challenge is to survive in space first and destroy the space invasion plan. The powerful weapons you have will help you clear space from enemy spaceships. But it’s best if you’re prepared as you’re the only faction to fight. Download the Star Zone mod to use your spacecraft to shoot down enemy space invaders.

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