Cat Commandos MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense) 0.4.3

Cat Commandos MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense) v0.4.3

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Android 7.0
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Feb 9, 2023
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Cat Commandos MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense)

Cat Commandos MOD APK

Become a cat warrior and fight alien invaders in our Cat Commandos game. Humans suddenly disappeared from this world, leaving only cats. Nevertheless, the cat is not interested in why the world has lost its ruler. All they want is to continue to survive, but danger emerges and threatens it. Alien invaders attacked Earth shortly after humanity disappeared. Is this their conspiracy that cannot happen by chance? Become a cat captain and lead your tribe to keep the world safe from invasion.

Download Cat Commandos mod – Lead the cat commando team to fight

The complex and developing human world suddenly fell eerily quiet. The cat still doesn’t understand what happened and decides to find out why. As it turns out, humans have disappeared and only cats continue to exist in the world. And after humanity disappeared, extraterrestrial invaders appeared. Are they the same people who teleported humans to other places to get rid of cats? But before you find the answer, let’s form a commando and fight the enemy. You are the leader’s responsibility and try to defeat the aliens.

You are a gifted cat raised by humans, but disaster strikes. The world is no longer as crowded as it used to be because humanity has mysteriously disappeared. But the cats continued to live regardless of the reason. But at this time, aliens want to attack and invade the cat’s world. This planet is now a cat planet and you can’t let the aliens invade. Even though the aliens are strong, you still have to take action against them. Assemble a team of feline commandos and shoot down the aliens who are trying to take over the cat world.

Invasion from outer space

Invaders from beyond the galaxy have arrived on Earth and scattered and occupied it. Humans no longer exist and now only cats can continue to survive. But you will have to fight against the powerful weapons of the invaders. You are a cat and you are holding a gun to fight back the aliens. However, it is best to form a commando team and destroy the aliens quickly. Humanity can no longer protect the world and entrust this mission to you. Take on the survival of the world and become the cat captain against the invasion.

Save the cat planet

You are the only cat on Earth with the fighting ability to sustain life. Those aliens will rule everything if you can’t fight them. So make use of your cat’s mobility and be flexible in battle. You will enter the place occupied by aliens and destroy their armies. Other cats have been enslaved to them and can give you more allies. They will be your saviors that will help you achieve your goal of saving the cat planet. Be careful when facing the evil aliens and overcome the challenges to save the world.

Cat’s weapon

The aliens are fully armed for an invasion, and you must find your weapon. Become a cat warrior and choose your fighting style. Find the right look and you’ll be able to overcome traps and destroy enemies. Cat warriors also receive powerful and customizable weapons. Invaders are stationed in several locations and use the cat’s skills to infiltrate. The cat warrior’s stealth skills will also amaze them and make them irresistible. Enter the battlefield with your cat’s weapon and complete your mission to save the world.

Cats randomly advance to the World Master’s position after the humans disappear from the world. And the cat’s life continues peacefully until enemies appear. They are aliens and have enslaved generations of innocent kittens. Their invasion was unexpected, but the cat warrior wouldn’t let them continue. Earth is under threat and you must help your cat commando team to defeat all the invaders. You will become a cat warrior and fight using cat weapons and skills. Download the Cat Commandos mod to fight the world invaders and protect your cats.

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