Craft of Survival v5.4 MOD APK + OBB (Durability, High Physical, Magic)

Craft of Survival MOD APK + OBB v5.4

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(Durability, High Physical, Magic)
Feb 9, 2023
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Craft of Survival MOD APK + OBB

When faced with a dangerous situation like Craft of Survival – Immortal, can you overcome it? It’s a short question, but it’s hard to give you a precise answer. However, you can use all your innate abilities to do your best. Become a great hero who starts building everything empty-handed. Do whatever you can to save lives and advance your career. No enemy can destroy you as long as you have the will to survive. It is an infinite source of strength that we always have.

Craft of Survival – Immortal MOD APK

Roleplaying is a classic game that is growing strongly today. With modern technology, we have created a legendary super product. However, Craft of Survival – Immortal did not fully follow these steps. It also adds a key survival factor to create uniqueness. It gives players the freedom to develop in any direction they want. Stimulate the creativity of every individual to achieve certain successes on their own. Great graphics are created with sound and a variety of features.

Download Craft of Survival – Immortal mod – Survive and become the strongest

To start the game, first select a model character. Next, you’ll be transported to a strange and lonely land for a challenge. Your body will have nothing but your hands, so find the valuables quickly. The list on the left specifies the actions to be followed. Click on it and your character will automatically move to where you need it. After accumulating enough experience points, the character is promoted to a higher level. If you do, you will discover many new features. Utilize everything to gain powerful fighting abilities.

Craft of Survival – Immortal APK

Character selection

Survival – Immortal’s technology allows players to customize their character in great depth. There are 5 character classes: Mage, Swordsman, Archer, Assassin and Gladiator. They will use weapons and unique fighting skills. You can choose the face of an elf, orc, human or wizard. You can customize gender as male or female according to your preference or gender. Not only that, each of them had their own skills. You can use this skill and combine it with hand attacks in combat. Help him destroy enemies according to his style and power.

Craft of Survival – Immortal MOD

Make up your story

The quests your characters undertake are based on the plot of their lives. In it you will have to strive from nothing to become a mighty warrior. NPCs will be a factor that directly helps speed up this process. They will give you instructions, tasks and well-deserved rewards. After each quest sequence ends the chapter, you must reach the required level to continue. Each part of the story has unexpected and difficult situations. You must pass them to unlock new potentials in the power system. Plus, you can unlock all the inherent skills to use.

Build heaven

Not only increase your power, but you can also create your own place. You start by building a building with the money you collect. The houses form a small village and other people can live in it. Everything can be upgraded if you have more resources. Make your village more developed and prosperous than before. Everyone in town will work pay taxes to generate income for you. You can go back and relax, craft gear, trade weapons, and do whatever you want. Do not forget to protect against possible threats from enemies beyond your borders.

Upgrade skills

As mentioned above, higher levels allow you to unlock more skills. These skills are divided into two categories on a character’s skill tree: active skills and passive skills. Function skills can be equipped and used whenever needed. On the other hand, passive skills are always triggered when conditions are met. After upgrading, the efficiency of all talents is increased. However, the skill level does not exceed the character’s story. Download the Craft of Survival – Immortal mod now to find out more interesting things.

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