High Heels! v5.0.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

High Heels! MOD APK v5.0.6

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Jan 9, 2023
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High Heels! MOD APK

A pair of high heels will lead you to ultimate glory in world of high heels!. Show off your fantastic repertoire with these shoes. Walk fast and gracefully like a famous model on the catwalk. Overcome hundreds of complex challenges to create victory. You will become the most talented girl in the world with the agility you have. No one can stop a girl in high heels.

High Heels! MOD APK

Download High Heels! mod – Overcome the unique high heels challenge

high heel! A fun action game with a pretty weird design. The theme is luxurious high heels that women often wear. Create captivating adventures full of dangerous challenges for your players. Colorful 3D images make the playground you engage in so much fun. There you can enjoy relaxing moments to the fullest. When playing, the player’s hand operation also becomes more sensitive. It may be faster while handling the required tasks there.

High Heels! MOD APK

Character selection

Transform into a girl with a strong personality who loves new things. So she decided to enter the world’s largest high heel race. Here you will help her finish her race safely and quickly. Help the girl overcome obstacles placed along the way. You will also need to collect high heels wherever you go. When assembled, the heel of the shoe will increase by a certain amount. When you reach the finish line and complete the level, you will receive bonus points based on the length of your high heels. Let’s see how many foot-high shoes you can wear.

High Heels! MOD

Choose high heels

Before starting the game screen, players can select their favorite character. The list has a variety of girls to choose from. Each person has a dynamic and direct personality to a hard and dark personality. You have to pay a certain amount to get a new character. Players can work hard to create the coolest collection of characters. Accompany you to the finish line and watch a unique celebration. If you wear heels that are higher than usual, your beauty will stand out even more. Show class by not being above all other women.

Travel around the world

Personality is important, but high heels are even more important. The main reason is that the shoes you wear are the souls of a burning race. When you wear stylish shoes, people will admire your beauty. If you go to the options section, you can see many high-end designer shoes. They are divided into three main categories: Cute, Star, and Queen. The Queen Classification will be legendary shoes priced very high. You will have to work very hard to get such shoes. The texture of the shoe will also create a stunning effect and make you look more classy.

Fashion accessories

Hill races are held in many locations around the world. So, when you complete a certain number of levels, other contests are unlocked. Britain, France, Italy, the United States and Japan, the most remote, are promising destinations. All these places will bring you fame and beauty. The competition is held at a much higher level. Players must work hard to beat their opponents. Overcome countless obstacles and emerge victorious with dangerous wormholes. The bravest girls are best candidates for this journey.

Your girls can wear unique accessories to look more attractive. These accessory options are diverse and there are many noble jewels. For example, a pair of angel wings on the back create a strong divinity. Bracelets and necklaces are also items that will enhance your dignity. The dresses are modeled on the world’s finest collections. You can be a demon, an angel, a giant, any character you want. High Heels has many other interesting things! mode.

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