Block Craft 3D v2.18.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Block Craft 3D MOD APK v2.18.4

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Jan 30, 2023
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Block Craft 3D MOD APK

When you want to place each foundation brick in your city building gameplay then Block Craft 3D is the game for you. Realistic construction simulation. Players can start with each block and create their own cool creations. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it in this particular type. Players will learn how to arrange and select blocks to complete a project. Start with small items and build up experience. Level is an indicator of your ability in this game. After feeling confident with an existing level, players can build large structures.

Block Craft 3D MOD APK

Download Block Craft 3D MOD – City building simulator with many buildings

With a passion for design and aspirations to become a great architect, you have been with you for a long time. Not now, but probably not always another time. Block Craft 3D allows players to build their own city using creative elements. You’ve played City Island 5 and think it has similar gameplay, so it’s no different. If it’s false, it’s not a point of view. To complete a project, you need to spend a lot of time not just selecting and marking marks. This is a real game for those who love building and helps improve their creativity.

Build great works

In other words, Block Craft 3D is not a monotonous game where only construction related tasks are performed. Players still have neighbors, pets, and characters. Everyone will interact together to further develop the city. Besides, the main factor is that during the game, the buildings often interact and change, which always makes the game interesting. On large maps with lots of trees and terrain, you have to think about where your buildings are. Not only does construction play an important role, but proper placement creates a highlight for the city. Conversely, if unscientific work is organized, this place can easily turn into a messy building. See building a city or growing a farm with dinosaurs in Zombie Castaways in Jurassic World. Isn’t it bad to play different kinds of building games at the same time?


You are the one who laid the first bricks of this city in a mountainous area surrounded by trees. Even at level 1, there are many familiar buildings that players can build. workshop, small house, tower. The Eiffel Tower, the White House, the Pyramids of Giza and the Parthenon are projects that require a lot of capital. Not Block Craft 3D makes it easy to build things freely. Some buildings require a lot of money to complete. The Large House, Chichen Itza is an example. You can also refer to building samples created by other players and apply them to your city. There are enough buildings in the user’s premises to immediately see a lot of gray matter.

Sell ​​your work

It is inevitable when you are stressed because you have to think about architecture for a long time. Raise a few animals that can help you find new motivation and energy. Dogs, cats, elephants… Do you like being friends at your happiest times or your saddest times?

Design a building and sell it if you think you have a good reason. Like I just said above, you can reference the idea or create someone else’s same work. Of course you can do the same thing. Show building samples and wait for review. Revenue doesn’t matter if it’s a really good project.

Block Craft 3D starts with each square and it is the main material for building. When the game’s block types are combined, the town becomes colorful. Large areas help to separate each area into categories. Download Block Craft 3D MOD in a wooded wilderness. Your job is to make this place bustling with lots of artwork.

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