Galaxy Shooter Sky Force MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode) 1.2

Galaxy Shooter Sky Force MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode) v1.2

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Feb 7, 2023
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Galaxy Shooter Sky Force MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode)

Lead your galactic combat squad and save lives in Galaxy Shooter Sky Force. Rebels from out of the galaxy have started attacking their planets. The goal of the invaders is to defeat their opponents and take over the entire galaxy. However, their goals coincide with the peaceful dreams of many worlds in the universe. So the war against aggression has been waged and don’t be left behind. The enemies are formidable and you will need to pilot your spacecraft to fight them. Build a spaceship and fend off invasion from space.

Galaxy Shooter Sky Force FREE APK

Alien invaders are rocking the galaxy once again. They want to enslave all creatures in order to take over the planet and thrive. This isn’t the first time evil enemies have targeted Earth. In the past, aliens have sent spaceships to invade the world. However, mankind did not want to be enslaved and successfully drove out the invaders. , the invaders returned once more and attacked Earth. Prepare your spacecraft to face the alien fleet.

Download Galaxy Shooter Sky Force mod – Protect the peace of the galaxy

Contrary to people’s positive thoughts about aliens, the opposite is actually true. They’re not benign, they’re trying to take over the entire galaxy. Every planet in the universe has become their target, including the human world. This is not the first time they have invaded Earth with powerful invaders. However, the humans organized a fierce resistance and led the landing plan to failure. And now the aliens are back with various invaders. They want to land completely on Earth, and you have to use your ship to stop them.

Evil enemies

As all their actions prove it, aliens are not as gentle as humans think. They organized an invasion by sending a large force of warships to the surface. And their bullets destroyed many planets before the world was attacked. Humans are being forced to develop technology to enslave this place to utter ugliness. An evil enemy has attacked, and it’s up to you to protect the place you were born from. Living aliens will pose a formidable threat to Earth. Board your ship and fight your evil enemies to save the world.

Space ship battle

Aliens were very gentle on human hearts until they appeared. They brought a lot of ships and when the humans were frightened they started attacking them. The aliens still want to control the universe and will not ignore Earth. A war in the human world has begun, and the cause is aliens. Keeping the world safe is essential. This is your most honorable duty. Destroy all enemy ships to keep you and humanity safe. Take your ship to the front and destroy the army of invaders.

Upgrade your spaceship

Your spacecraft is your only means of combating the alien attack. There are many forces brought by aliens to invade Earth and you need to be prepared. Upgrading your ship will give you more firepower. Fully upgrading your ship will give it more firepower. You are fighting alone but peace on earth is in your hands. You must completely shoot down the invading ship to complete the mission. Upgrade your spacecraft to become stronger and keep the hope of keeping the world safe.

The Space Invaders’ invasion of Earth has officially begun. Not only humans but also other creatures face their attacks. However, all efforts failed and the planet was destroyed. But humanity will not accept the fate of being invaded and will defend itself. You are a spaceship pilot whose society is confident of victory. The evil foes will only grow stronger if you don’t fly in and take them down quickly. Download the Galaxy Shooter Sky Force mod to build an army of warships and defeat the invaders.

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