3D v3.4.0 MOD APK (Mega Menu) 3D MOD APK v3.4.0

July 4, 2024 Arcade
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Arcade
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(Mega Menu)
Jun 27, 2024
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Price: $0 3D MOD APK 3D is a game that requires strategy from the player as he tries to control the character and conquer many areas on the giant white cube. The gameplay is accessible to the player but requires strategy and care as there will always be opponents for you to defeat. At the same time, the number of skins you can unlock is varied and has different requirements. 3D 1


In 3D, players can build an area where they can move freely without danger. The special thing about this area is that it is linked to the color of the character you control. This process will challenge you because the number of enemies with the same goal as you is very large, so you will use your control skills to eliminate them and turn all the white areas on the field into your color.

The player arrives at the standard level of the game, a white cube, and players appear in different positions. Each place they pass leaves a line corresponding to their color. At the same time, this colored line shows their connection to the area they previously occupied. So there are many interesting strategies for players to eliminate other opponents and conquer the whole cube.


To create a new area in 3D, you need to draw a line that forms a completely closed area and is not interrupted by other players. Players can specify the size they draw, but they will inevitably draw an area that is close to the area they need to merge. At the same time, the weakness of drawing a new area with a fairly large size is that you can easily be defeated by opponents if they intentionally walk through your line.

As mentioned above, the lines you draw have a special connection to the area you have if the start and end points of the drawing are connected to that area. So if you are not finished drawing the new area and an opponent cuts your line, you are completely defeated. The area you are connected to will also completely disappear because you are defeated, leaving only white areas for other players to conquer. It will be the game screen that will take up a lot of the player’s time.

Many factors make each level of the game often take a lot of players’ time. Players must always be prepared and careful when drawing lines to expand their territory so that they don’t get destroyed by other players. At the same time, new enemies will constantly appear and if you are not careful, they can take the territory you have taken as their own. The game actually requires patience on the part of the player.


It can be said that the default skins that players find in 3D are small cubes of different colors. The game provides players with a list of skins with different designs, and you will discover certain variations that relate to your region. More specifically, these skins belong to different themes ranging from cute animals to impressive-looking monsters. Therefore, you will have an exciting experience in the game.

One point that players will notice after using the skin on the character is the added elements in the area they conquer. These are not areas with just colors, but they will be related to your skins. For example, fire monsters will have a suitable area with magma or forest animals will bring grass and logs that you can see. So you will be trying to take out many different enemies to get these skins.

Players will participate in exciting gameplay with many other players

  • It’s a giant white cube with lots of enemies always trying to paint it with their colors to complete the level.
  • Players must figure out how to occupy a white area on the cube and expand it while competing with other players.
  • Each line the player draws connects it and the area it occupies, and can be broken if an enemy passes by.
  • Each level takes a long time to complete for many different reasons, and one of them is the number of enemies you constantly encounter.
  • Impressive skins can be unlocked, and the character of the area changes depending on the type of skin you use in the game.

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