City Takeover v3.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

City Takeover MOD APK v3.9.0

May 3, 2024 GAMES
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(Unlimited Money)
Jan 27, 2023
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City Takeover MOD APK

Connect all the buildings to fight your opponents in City Takeover game. You and your opponent enter a residential area with facilities occupied by people. It’s where your people live and it helps you win. The other party also owns the building and attempts to connect the building. Whoever has the most connections between buildings wins. Thanks to it, you can gradually unlock levels and even open additional pages. Connect houses and develop your city to eliminate enemies.

City Takeover MOD APK

Download City Takeover mod – Competition to connect buildings

There is a match between the opponent and each building in the game. A building with residents inside will be yours. They compete to see who wins. Your goal is to connect the building and make it your place. The more houses you click on, the more bases you can take to eliminate your opponents in building battles. To do so, you must capture all the buildings and increase your population. If the number of connected houses is exceeded, the stage passes the opponent. Evolve each building to link them together and race your opponents.

City Takeover MOD

Linking the buildings together seems like it will help you win easily. However, all your hard work in each building can be quickly wiped out by your opponents. They can link their realms together and surround you inside. If you can’t find a way out of your enemy’s connection, you’re defeated. Guess every move to connect your opponent’s buildings and find a way to counter them. Each move to join the house determines your ability to eliminate opponents. Challenge buildings with connections and residents to earn House Connections.

Linking buildings

You need to reconnect the buildings in the area to have a victory base. Connecting buildings is just the first step when facing different opponents. The difference between you and them is the colors that represent connections and the ability to connect buildings. The more colorful houses you connect, the more you get. This also greatly reduces the number of opponents’ houses and increases the war zone. Buildings have a specific population and need to grow to increase your win rate. Eliminate enemies by connecting buildings and improving the people in the area.

City Takeover APK

Buildings can be continuously connected and ready for a challenge. You can meet their challenge by competing for your ability to connect your home to each other. If you win, you’ll defeat all your opponents and move to a new area. Where there are buildings with different structures, it will be a new challenge with enemies. Later levels move you to taller buildings with more complex populations. If you want to win, carefully calculate your ability to connect houses.

Exciting unlock

You will turn into an animal, not a worker connecting each house. They can be chickens with flying skills or giraffes looking skyward to help you. Each animal can perform a linking function for you. You have to control them. Equipment in this link game is also unlocked based on building link level. You can block enemy building links with shields obtained from competitions. Alternatively, you can eat pizza to replenish your strength while your enemies lose their strength. Discover the fun of features unlocked through abilities in house match games.

Opportunities to challenge yourself and others in your city are always there. And here you will find the most suitable housing. You will do so and your opponent will be brought to the area where you will compete. The main challenge was to run each house to find the owner with the most houses connected. Color is the distinguishing factor at the end of the game and determines the ending. So you need to outdo others in connecting buildings and increasing your connected population. Download the City Takeover mod to challenge your ability to connect each building and perform fun unlocks.

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