Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep. II v2.1.2 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content)

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep. II MOD APK v2.1.2

May 21, 2024 Arcade
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Android 5.0
Android Android 5.0 Arcade
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(Unlocked All Content)
Nov 30, 2022
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Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep. II MOD APK

 Sonic 4 Episode 1 MOD

Sonic 4 ™ Part I is an exciting 2D arcade action game about “little sonic”. The game is part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and one that plays the part of Sonic & Knuckles. Games are the right choice if you like fast paced games. The game tells the story of Sonic and Knuckles’ journey to defeat Dr. The game adds new moves to the Sonic character.

About Gameplay

Sonic 4 ™ Part I is a new creation for fans after waiting more than 15 years. The game retains its original features and adds enhanced elements. You will also face the evil Dr. Eggman. The first main focus is the two levels of the game designed for smartphones. The common denominator of the two situations is that they use acceleration instead. If you play the Classic mode, you will go with Sonic in a race through 4 different locations. Try to collect more coins and avoid crashing into monsters. You can also destroy that monster by jumping on top of the monster and stabbing it. If a player completes a level with 50 or more rounds, you have a chance to enter a special level. At this time, you control sonic to move around in the ball and jump over the obstacles, the wall of the maze is completely changing. If you collect all seven Chaos emeralds, the player will unlock the ability to transform into the invincible Super Sonic form and continue to level up. players will receive one of the seven Chaos emeralds. If you collect all seven Chaos emeralds, the player will unlock the ability to transform into the invincible Super Sonic form and continue to level up.

 Sonic 4 Episode 1 MOD

Sonic Episode 4 ™ I will add new Homing attacks and add new excitement. The game keeps the story of the classic story and tells about the competition in 4 unique areas. Each area has 4 tasks and 7 special levels. Basically, try to complete special stages, collect 7 Chaos and unlock Super Sonic. In particular, the game has brought a classic boss fight with many updates. When Dr. Eggman returns with new machines, Eggman becomes more insane and more dangerous.

Sonic 4 ™ Episode I will continue the core values ​​of the Sonic adventure from SEGA. The game offers the same gameplay, graphics and background music as the original game on older electronic systems. You still control Sonic, save animals, and defeat the evil Dr. Eggman. Overall, the game is not just a new version of the previous Sonic The Hedgehog game, but the game is better in terms of graphics and new, more attractive gameplay. You should consider taking advantage of springboards, navigation boards, and use acceleration while crossing steep ramps, rotating obstacles, tunnels, … It’s not easy to pass the challenge, but Help Sonic to navigate the hard and soft countries. Running and jumping should be well combined.

 Sonic 4 Episode 1 MOD


Sonic 4 ™ Episode I am happy with the player. You control Sonic to move around in a ball, perform powerful swing attacks, break through obstacles, and destroy enemies along the way. In addition, the Sonic hedgehog can also jump on the enemy to destroy the enemy. Don’t miss the gold rings. Because the golden ring is a powerful tool that helps Sonic to save his life when attacked by enemies. Collected rings will drop each time an enemy hits Sonic or Sonic is attacked by a bomb. After the checkpoints in each region (factories, deserts, …), you will fight the bosses and deliver the dark tokens that have been captured.

Sonic Episode 4 ™ I delivers a complete, fun and immersive 2D scrolling platformer experience. Players will remember Sega’s classic game Sonic. Basically, the game looks the same as the previous versions. However, the mobile version of the game has improved with many useful and interesting features. Players have a better experience, especially battles with classic bosses, such as Dr. Eggman.

Sonic 4 ™ Episode I have the same gameplay as the original video game version. It is fair to compare the authorities. There are two separate buttons on each corner of the screen, one for navigation and one for action. Through that, the player activates commands to control human actions such as jumping, spinning, changing direction, … The player uses the control button on the left side of the screen to move Sonic hedgehog to run forward or backward; the button on the right side of the screen helps Sonic jump up.

 Sonic 4 Episode 1 MOD

Graphics and sound

Sonic Episode 4 ™ I offers detailed graphics and vibrant colors. Graphics look great on devices with large screens. A 2D graphic design with various landscapes from ruins, desserts to factories, snowy hills. As a result, players always enjoy looking at the features and are not bored while playing the game. The effects are beautiful and vivid. The bomb effect makes Sonic jump at enemies, and light turns Sonic around. Quality graphics provide players with a beautiful experience. The game retains the sound effects and background music compared to the original version. In addition, the game adds new audio features to enhance the adventure experience.

Also, you should try “Sonic Dash” if you like Sonic hedgehog speed. You control Sonic the hedgehog with your friends in endless fun, free. You can run, jump, jump and flip your way through amazing 3D environments. Run through challenging obstacles to unlock items and compete for scores with your friends.


Sonic 4 ™ Episode I is a game for adventure lovers. A great game based on the cartoon Sonic the hedgehog. The game is reminiscent of the Sega Genesis version of Sonic from the pre-2D days. You control the Sonic race through levels, collecting rings, and attacking enemies. The game also includes special levels to collect Chaos Emeralds, and compete with others on online platforms. In short, you should try this game if you like adventure games. The game has a beautiful 2D graphic design, which is simple and suitable for most people.

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