Pinatamasters v1.3.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, Ammo)

Pinatamasters MOD APK v1.3.12

Last Modified - April 11, 2024 Arcade
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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 Arcade
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MOD/APK (Unlimited Gems, Ammo)
Dec 16, 2022
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Pinatamasters MOD APK


Pinatamasters MOD APK is the most addictive arcade game developed by Playgendary. When I first saw the game, I was definitely blown away by the name of this game. come with me Let me explain what Pinata means. This piñata appears during country festivals in United States. The piñata is made of colored paper and mixed clothes. However, there are lots of candies and toys inside the Pinata. During the festival, small arms are used to defeat piñatas and toys and sweets are eaten. Older people can enjoy this game even more. So most of the kids like to play this game during festival time. If you can’t go to the US, don’t worry. Download the Pinatamasters MOD APK to play the game on your mobile.

Pinatamasters MOD APK

Most addictive shooting game

In Pinatamasters MOD APK you have arrived with small arms to attack Pinatas. Most of the players are easy to get addicted to shooting games, so the developers made them in a shooting style. Every gamer on Android knows about the most familiar Kick the Buddy game. When you launch a piñata attack, you receive multiple rewards for each attack. Some available weapons can attack methods like hammers and swords. These weapons are used to hit pinatas and drop rewards. If you do enough damage you can move on to the next level. In the next level you will have to change your weapon style.

Travel to a new world

There are many addictive things hidden in this Pinatamasters MOD APK. At beginning and end of the level, the piñata has changed like a cartoon animation. For example, after the start level unicorn style, the next level will change like a panda or other character cartoon animation. The mission never changes while hitting the piñata, but the hitting animations and sound effects are impressive.Winning or losing doesn’t matter, but fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

Spicy weapons

Travel to new cities to see all-new settings and new themed scenarios. Pinatamasters MOD APK contains different types of scenarios in next levels. Colorful scenarios according to national styles. For example, the next level is based on Chinese and the background also looks like Chinese. The country style is easily recognizable by looking at background. Many missions come with new experiences that will surprise you.

Pinatamasters MOD APK

Festival Time Piñata used a stick to attack but Pinatamasters MOD APK has a variety of weapons. At the beginning of the game, sticks are the main means of attacking the piñata. The game weapon system has weapons like hammer, sword, knives, shooting shotgun and heavy weapons. These usable weapons are made into animated cartoons, and shooting effects include 3D animations. Heavy weapons are very useful and easy to defeat piñatas. Small arms are striking weapons that take more time to beat the piñata in the current mission.

Upgrade weapons

I’m not faster to think. This Pinatamasters MOD APK is so easy to play. Heavy weapons help defeat protected piñatas. I like the laser gun in this game. It does more damage to pinatas, but doesn’t add damage to shield time. The first one you need to defeat the next guard attacking the pinata. Do your mission like a pro and don’t forget to collect the coins dropped from the piñata. Those collected coins are very useful for buying new heavy weapons.


In Pinatamasters MOD APK, the weapon upgrade system provides the best experience to users. Upgraded weapons do high damage to the piñata and make it easier to beat the piñata faster. Upgrade all types of weapons to play like a pro. Every level of the mission contains many of the most fun tasks and guaranteed detention games. Play this piñata attack game with your neighbor. Explore new piñata styles like pandas or other animated cartoons. Destroy all available piñatas with upgraded weapons.

Pinatamasters APK

MOD version of Pinatamasters

Pinatamaster MOD APK No word on graphics. Playgendary made this game with 2D animated colorful graphics so it’s really cool to look at.The piñata background changes in every level and the change is based on country style. By making each item brighter, the game scene is very colorful. All children will love these animated graphics and in-game the piñatas look like cartoons. Dropping coins from the piñata is very impressive, and the coin collecting animation is also nice.

Pinatamasters MOD APK is a modified version from the original version. Some limitations are maintained in the original version. For example, when you start a new level, you see annoying ads. Some weapons require too many coins to upgrade. In this MOD version you can get unlimited money and diamonds. Also, you can be safe from annoying ads because we have removed ads in this modified version. Unlimited gems allow you to unlock all weapons and complete all levels easier. Also, your gem count will never decrease in the modified version.

MOD features in Pinatamasters

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Gems
Remove Ads


If you are a fan of arcade games, try this Pinatamasters MOD APK. It’s the best choice when you’re bored on the weekend. Also, since this game is mainly made for children, it is also recommended for children in the neighborhood. The funniest and craziest things will mix in this game suitable for everyone. There are no age recommendations for playing this game. Don’t worry if you’re an adult. You will have the most fun experience and get away from stress easily. You no longer have to download this game to enjoy your day.

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