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Jul 5, 2022
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Price: $0 MOD APK is an old school survival action game. If you are tired of the fighting genre with weapons like machine guns and bombs, try this new game. The ax is the main weapon your character uses throughout the game screen. We must fight until everyone is sacrificed. That’s the rules of the game. allows players to improve their offensive skills as they fight to survive on their own. There are no support team members, and neither do other players. This battle isn’t for the weak, it’s a fierce battle to find out who can rule. Get used to the new fighting style now.

Download mod – Survive with your ax

The graphics similar to Pixel Combat are the difference in color combinations, similar to Food Gang in both. However, the gameplay has its own characteristics. Perhaps because it was born later. Each battle usually only lasts a few minutes, but it’s a time you’ll have to struggle to survive. If you slow down even a little bit, the player should easily stop the game immediately.

After dying, you have no chance to revive or use items to revive. Support only works while the character is alive. For example, you collect healing pots when your health is depleted. Differences between automatic weapons such as guns and axes also provide advantages. It’s hard to dodge the target when attacking with a gun, but makes it easy. The game is more about player skill than weapon reliance. Move around looking for attacks, but don’t forget to dodge the enemy’s most damaging attacks.

Fight for survival

Again, forces players to fight for survival. Once into battle, don’t expect help. If you are afraid of clashing with enemies, find a safe place to hide and wait for your opportunity. But I don’t think that’s a good way either. Each failure gives you more experience. Fear not if you want to become a mighty warrior. The cooldown of the ax is a huge advantage as players have a chance to destroy other players.

Progress while fighting levels up the player by killing opponents. Eliminating opponents increases the power of the ax. Instead of requiring intervention or upgrades like some games, the damage level is higher. In addition to eliminating enemies, you become stronger and are the fear of the remaining players. However, has many opponents that cannot be ignored. Don’t be subjective. There is always someone better than the person you just met. This is a game where you don’t just fight AI, you connect players from all over the world. Please consider this important.

Equip character

Some equipment options, such as armor, increase your character’s level of protection. The power of the axis increases with each level. Not using the equipment is a huge disadvantage. has a variety of equipment systems that give people a lot of options.

Maps and weapons

They are ax variations and players will definitely find their favorite ax pattern in this game. By default, their powers are the same and change as you destroy and level them up. Several maps also allow you to discover new battle locations. With different layouts, players will have to refresh their fighting style to survive. Battle of many players with an ax that can take someone’s life. This is a mortal battle and everyone wants to stay alive. Unfortunately, however, the game allows only one person to survive and have everything. Download the mod, find your own way of fighting and survive against many powerful enemies.

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