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June 16, 2024 Action
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Action
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(Free Shopping, VIP, Free Chest)
May 17, 2024
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Price: $0 MOD APK creates an impressive playground where you can realize your dream of becoming the ruler of this land. This is an impressive action game where players are assigned to a territory and demonstrate their sovereignty. Your strength is provided and you must know how to make full use of it to create real matches. In the survival arena, you can freely challenge other heroes and let off steam. 1

CHOOSE YOUR OWN HERO can choose a hero that suits their skills and desires. Once you have made your choice, equip your hero with everything to start this impressive battle. You play the hero in the role of the hero and are given the main tasks to serve the war. This survival arena wants you to be able to unleash your full potential and win the role of the talented leader.

Players have a number of special skills and must choose one of these skills. This skill is your strength and will last throughout the battle. Players can also use other special skills when they have the opportunity and show that they improve their own skills. You must establish a base in any location to be stable in every way. 2


The battle officially begins and you will be randomly assigned to each battle by the game. In each round, two candidates will participate and everyone must do their best to win. Each round is timed and both the number of points and the skills used are counted. This is really necessary and players should also make every effort to win and move on to the next challenge.

Players go to the survival arena and start a fierce battle with the hero on the other side. In this game, difficulties also constantly appear and players will also encounter some tricky situations. The player uses up all his energy and seems to be trying to get up but does not have enough strength left. Players should immediately use the new energy feature and start this battle as strong as possible. 3


Players must take turns to fight the remaining heroes and whoever gets the higher score moves on to the next round. Players also get more benefits when they participate in the inner rounds of More specifically, you can also defeat other heroes’ base areas to get the highest score. You should also place traps around your base to be able to protect the area you are taking over. 4

Winning on all fronts and being a leader is what you have now. The game offers you a ton of new weapons and a ton of exciting upgrades. Players can also add these special abilities by swapping the upgrades you get. The game also wants you to expand your range of operations and build up your strength to continue to overcome different challenges. Fight with heroes from different regions to gain special abilities for yourself.

You can know your great power in based on the victories you have achieved. The game also gives players a number of different powers such as ice power, wind power, and many more. You can also advance to more places on your own and use this ability to fight against many other heroes. The game also provides you with a number of special weapons for long battles. 5


  1. Choose a character for yourself and enter the survival arena to claim the highest position as a true leader.
  2. Get all the energy the game has to offer and add a lot of your own powers.
  3. Use a variety of weapons and try to face many heroes to gain a lot of experience.
  4. Perform unexpected stunts and travel to key enemy bases to completely destroy them.
  5. Defeat a number of powerful opponents and enter new lands to conquer more private territories.

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