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Space Zombie Shooter: Survival MOD APK (Increase attack, bullets)

Imagine a zombie apocalypse on a space station. How was it? That’s what Space Zombie Shooter: Survival is all about. Find a way to hold out and fight against the siege of zombies everywhere. You can’t get out of here because it’s a space station. The only way is to get up and fight until all of them are destroyed. You don’t want to be left forever in space with zombies that are bloodthirsty to survive. Liberate everyone and yourself.

Space Zombie Shooter: Survival MOD APK

Download Space Zombie Shooter: Survival mod – Rescue and survive from space disaster

All of those horrific events happened on the HYPERION space station. There was a fraudster who infiltrated the crew. He released a dangerous virus that could turn people into unconscious zombies. The situation was further complicated when a distress signal was sent. Discovery on the Space Station is now full of zombies. Learn the terrible truth about the imposter and fight the undead with your abilities.

Space Zombie Shooter: Survival MOD APK

You are a member of a group of space mercenaries. A distress signal was accidentally received from the space station. When he arrived, he discovered that this place had become a battlefield for the undead. Your main mission is to destroy all zombies on the space station. Rescue the trapped and hiding crew. Scammers have spread a zombie virus throughout the space station. It will help you find out who is to blame for hiding in the zombies. Your adventure in Space Zombie Shooter: Survival officially begins at this stage.

A diverse arsenal of weapons

Use your virtual keys to move around the space station. Zombies appear everywhere, so you’ll almost always have a weapon with you. Since there is only one attack button, the combat mechanics aren’t too complicated. Pay attention to how much blood you have. Treatment is the most dangerous situation to avoid death. Dying in space among hordes of zombies is not a good death.

Space Zombie Shooter: Survival MOD APK free

Confront a series of zombies

As a space mercenary, it’s natural to have a lot of weapons in your unit. From regular guns to cosmic plasma guns, use what you think is most effective against zombie attacks. Some weapons are good for single combat against one or two zombies. Enough massive weapons are needed to take down massive zombie hordes. In general, use and utilize your weapons accordingly. The number of ammunition is not infinite, so you should save as much as possible. Difficult missions require the help of many powerful weapons. As a precaution, bring one of each type of weapon.

Unlock new quests

During the long virus accumulation period, many zombies have evolved with many dangerous abilities. So there’s not just one type of zombie on the battlefield. If you don’t have enough weapons to deal with clown zombies, rampaging zombies and giant zombies, be careful and stay away. In addition to its high speed and attack power, it has terrifying durability. Giant zombies are many times stronger and faster than normal zombies. It will never be superfluous to learn the characteristics and powers of the zombie species. Consider a combination of weapons to fight zombie types. Confronting them will improve your tactical abilities.

Each level tells the story of exploring a space station. Levels reveal more facts about the space station. You can only unlock the next level by completing the current level. At the initial stage of victory, you will receive each new type of skill and power. Don’t forget to complete quests for more bonuses and character upgrades. Since the combat system isn’t that complex, it needs to be supplemented with intensity. The atmosphere of the game is quite tense, but more humorous situations arise. A tense atmosphere is interspersed to give players more sanity and motivation to fight.

Get ready to land on a massive space station to solve the zombie apocalypse mystery. Kill mass zombies to rescue your crew. Find out who is behind this disaster step by step. Discover unexpected and fascinating new details in Space Zombie Shooter: Survival mode. A disaster game with a gripping zombie element.

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