PARS MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money)

PARS MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) v0.1.2.30

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PARS MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money)

When you join the game PARS, you become part of an army with a special mission. With the abundance of guns in the game, you will gradually discover different battles. You can also engage in battles between you and your teammates in a variety of manners. Men in the same army were a key factor in completing the mission. War doesn’t allow you to safely enter or exit a firefight. That’s because there are many opponents in front of you who can use precision guns aggressively. Find your chance in the army and control it with you to complete the ultimate battle.


Download PARS – Carry out campaigns with your army.

You can test your survival against a journey ambush by enemies. Your enemies somehow know you are going through each location. They secretly prepare their army on the map and will attack you when you arrive. Be prepared for their attack and keep calm with a gun in your hand. Your response to the bullets will destroy the surprise they caused. Control each soldier in your advocating army to fight and kill each enemy. Your operations will also be aided by equipment such as UAVs and advanced weapons.


War between nations

The war zones of the countries on the other side of the map now take on your appearance. Now you’ll be running your team with powerful weapons and tactics. Your command over your troops is the ultimate command, and they will act under you. Nations have unleashed wars, and the defeat of some nations is inevitable. And your enemies always want to win with everything they can craft when fighting. The forces in the game will help you fight and deal with enemy situations. Perform army missions and command all members to move and subdue the enemy.


Operation of special forces

A map with wars between countries will help you understand the situation. Their conflict reached its climax when the first gunshots were fired. You may be reluctant to engage and fight, but surviving a battle will override that. The enemy only knows whether you are an enemy, but will not judge whether you join or not. Battlegrounds help you experience different ways of fighting enemies. You can take on flat surfaces like hangars and highways. Make the game’s combat a place where the enemy is not you.

Weapons and troops

Encounters between you and your enemies in war will always be intense. You only get 5 military powers in the game when the conflict starts. But your powers have been trained and now they are experienced soldiers. The game’s task force will accompany you in each mission and activity. Every enemy you defeat proves the uniqueness of your army. It’s also a way to lead your army before the enemy and prove your fighting style. So build your army and fulfill your assigned missions to achieve victory.

Fighting is meaningless if the enemy has a weapon and fights empty-handed. However, the activities you complete in the game will help you unlock an army of new weapons. Pistols or rifles are delivered directly to service members. The arsenal for your army will be enriched with each victory. They will use it and engage in combat in a way that you control in third person. You can also receive new troops to fight each time your enemy wins. Run your army and expand it in battle to become a special forces unit.

Take part in combat missions while commanding one of the special forces. They are soldiers who have been trained and thoroughly trained in the army and have combat abilities. They are members of five special parties that will be gradually discovered and unlocked by you. Your victories will mark your ability to face difficult foes and control them. War requires you to comprehensively fight and eliminate the enemy with your strength. You and your special forces team must conduct a campaign. Download the PARS mod to engage in task force activities and fight with weapons.

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