Block! Hexa Puzzle MOD APK 23.0119.19 (Auto win)

Block! Hexa Puzzle MOD APK (Auto win) v23.0119.19

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Jan 19, 2023
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Block! Hexa Puzzle MOD APK (Auto win)

Good news for cube fans and puzzle lovers. The colorful hexagon blocks prevent you from leaving the screen. block it! Hexa Puzzle is a game that challenges your brain before building different blocks. Will you patiently put them in the right place to become a complete person? The various rotations of the hexagon will definitely make you dizzy many times over. It is this issue that makes this game addictive for all audiences. If you are confident in geometry, try this game quickly!

Block! Hexa Puzzle MOD APK

Just like the fill-in-the-blank message, you need to fit the hexagon into the blank. Large blocks contain many small details inside. Are you confident to do it right the first time? Observing similar blocks can quickly give up. You need to be able to tell them apart in order to place them correctly. Your brain and eyes need to maximize their abilities. Observation and shape recognition are two important factors. Prove your brain genius! They will make you constantly think and search for the right installation method. You will be very proud of yourself after completing each block.

Block! Hexa Puzzle MOD

Download Block! Hexa Puzzle mod – Unique IQ problem

Do you like the feeling of challenging and conquering? Colorful blocks and simple shapes give you a headache. Observing and deciding which array to install first can be time consuming. The brain uses logical thinking to think and find direction. Like many other players, you will become addicted at any time. You are challenging the blocks! Hexa puzzles come from simple elements. Experience even the hardest rounds. Don’t forget to collect lots of puzzle pieces to exchange for attractive gifts. It is also a tool for tackling more difficult levels. Are you ready to master colorful hexagons? Add a keen eye and quick judgment and you’ll easily pass the game.

Block! Hexa Puzzle Free MOD APK

Difficulty by level

block it! Hexa Puzzle offers hundreds of levels from easy to hard. Grids of all shapes, from simple to very complex, wait for completion. You have to go through them one at a time and choose which direction to place each hexagon block. Misplaced turns lead to dead ends and have to be reassembled from scratch. This game attracts with its challenge to the brain. Focus on a variety of vertical and horizontal arrangements. Their similarities make them difficult to tell apart. IQ’s sharp mind is displayed on the block! Hexa Puzzle. This highly entertaining entertainment game prevents players from leaving from the first moment.

Smooth action

The game mainly uses the player’s spatial thinking and judgment. so blocks! Hexa Puzzle creates tasks as you play very simply. This allows players to have a more comfortable time in the game. Players can spend all their energy thinking about how to align the blocks without any control problems. You need to touch the hexagon block and drag it to where you want to install it. Drag the block in the direction you want it to stay in place. Quick operation and ease of change allow for faster processing. No time pressure in each round. But do your best to get through the most accessible rounds and collect as many hexagonal pieces as possible. Advanced games are easier to play.

Super book interface

block it! Hexa puzzles probably don’t require too many flashy effects for players. The different shapes of the hexagons are enough to keep players focused. The blocks look simple, but once you get your hands on the assembly you’ll see how difficult it is. Many attractive color arrangements save the boredom of the look. Bright colors make you full of excitement and want to conquer even just one color. Test your eyes and brain!

Games typical of people who play for their main entertainment purpose always retain a certain charm. block it! Hexa Puzzle delivers the real challenge the game aims to offer players. It will help if you have two basic tools to enter this game: an observant eye and a very keen spatial mind. Explore to find your IQ score. Block Download! It is a hexa puzzle mode where the brain experiences complex puzzle assembly but is full of charm.

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