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Lapse of plague APK v4.4

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Feb 15, 2021
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Lapse of plague APK

When we are sick, we often go to the doctor for treatment. They are people with a lot of medical experience who can diagnose disease. If they are good doctors, they only need to see your symptoms to know what disease you have. They will provide treatments that can save your life and fight your disease. There will always be a doctor like that for your peace of mind. Come to the Lapse of Plague and immediately learn about the healing methods of medieval doctors.

Lapse of plague APK

Download Lapse of plague – Healing people everywhere

Plague MD Set in the Middle Ages, the age of iron swords and kings. It is the time when the most terrifying disease, the Black Death, spreads. The number of deaths increased rapidly and it was pitch black everywhere. Only a doctor can rescue them from this nightmare. Relive the healing process of doctors of the time with strange cures. You will learn more about people’s lives at that time. Characters and situations are represented by hand-drawn strokes. It looks odd in shape, but it is very attractive to players. The dark world of plague is nature’s warning to people.

Lapse of plague APK free

Talented doctors were invited to prevent the spread of the plague from all sides. They are plague doctors with strange cures. Your task is to examine sick people who come to you. There will be a cookbook next to you. After seeing the patients come, diagnosing the disease, they mix the medicine according to the prescription. Give them this potion and you’re done. If you make the wrong medicine or make it on time, you die. Don’t let the whole throne kill you because of your slowness and weakness. Fill your prescription as soon as possible.

Strange methods

Lapse of Plague’s treatment methods are very strange. Compared to modern medicine, it was considered a little scary and crazy. One of the ways is to use leeches to stop the bleeding. Toxic blood is no longer present in the patient’s body. The main method of anesthesia is to knock the head with a hammer to knock it unconscious. Do not use common tools such as anesthetics or needles. But that was the Middle Ages. This strange method saved everyone. It may have undesirable consequences, but we are still saved. That is the salvation of undeveloped psychiatry.

Lapse of plague APK mod

Developing cures

Your current treatment is too inhumane and ineffective. So let’s learn more from the outside and develop it. A variety of books on mental health can help you find more effective treatments. From the horror way to the better way. Prepare much more effective medicines from different ingredients. A lot of good knowledge is waiting for you to acquire and improve. Get rid of old, outdated methods completely. Pave the way for advanced medicine and reach beyond the world. Help people suffering from extreme, life-consuming diseases.

Kill all mice

You may not know that rats are a major cause of global plague. Because rats can roam everywhere and carry the cause of disease. Killing rats is an extremely necessary task and you must take on it. You can use the hammer to destroy the infested slums in town. Don’t let the rats survive and continue infecting people. They will make your village sick often and difficult to recover from. Build a mousetrap to make them die. You are a genius doctor and skilled animal controller. Rats will never escape your cold hands.

Declare war on pandemic

When your way is more advanced and your energy bar is full. Now is the time to unleash your power. Dress up as a plague doctor and start purging. Prevent the disease from spreading further and wipe it out along the way. Use the most sophisticated methods you’ve learned to repel the spreading death. You are a living saint going forth to save mankind. Let your fight be in vain and the battle not be lost. Download the Lapse of Plague mod and start fighting the plague that is engulfing humanity. Save lives using the most sophisticated medical methods.

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