Blush Blush v0.108 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond, Unlocked)

Blush Blush MOD APK v0.108

July 1, 2024 Casual
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Casual
90 MB
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(Unlimited Diamond, Unlocked)
May 7, 2024
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Blush Blush MOD APK

If you like lively but fun dating games, this is Blush Blush for you. You will learn about new and unique features as you delve into the game’s sweet storyline. However, no beginning is easy and players must learn to use time properly to be able to save the cursed boys.

Blush Blush – Idle 1


Blush Blush opens up a new space full of interesting elements and introduces you to a unique style of play. Also, the game contains secrets so you can explore freely and discover fascinating stories. In this game, you play your character to observe everything around you and carry out the assigned tasks. The story is about a land where young men with intense vitality live. But unfortunately, they were cursed by a certain power so that they had to become animals and bury their feet in loneliness, no longer loving. Dark spells have trapped them in amulets, and you will be the one to help your character save the boys through the kiss of a real girl. In addition, new features will be revealed gradually as you advance to the next levels.


This is a space dating simulation game with unique features that will take you on an adventure full of life. The game is designed with a gameplay that is not too complicated, but you can quickly get used to this special dating environment. Players must use simple operations to control everything as they wish, but you must also complete new tasks to be able to achieve new goals.

The game brings you a lot of really cool guys, but they are in the form of any animal so you can have new dates. Your task is to be fully equipped to go out with them; the game takes you to a place where you can chat freely and write romantic love stories. Also, you have to break the curse on these guys quickly.

Blush Blush – Idle 2


Blush Blush will give you a lot of work when you officially start dating someone, so you need to focus on being able to do everything as quickly as possible. Also, you need to manage time wisely to arrange the appropriate tasks and not interrupt the assigned tasks. The game gives you a character with all the features, including stats and time for a meeting, so you can customize it to your liking and find all the ways to be attentive.

In addition, you will have to impress your opponent to be able to win constantly, so this will not be easy, it will require players to use different tactics. Also, you will meet a number of different guys and find ways to help them, so use your master skills and conquer new objectives.


Players will have even more interesting experiences as they reach the next levels and rescue new guys. Also, the number of jobs will increase over time to give you more challenges, so you will have to use more tactics to win their hearts. The attractive thing about this game is that players will be immersed in sweet melodies while enjoying the voices of the stars. In addition, you will have to equip your character with all the gifts to make the strongest impression on these guys. To enhance the experience for players, you will also have the opportunity to participate in events that are held continuously to earn more new items.

Blush Blush – Idle 2


  • Explore the exciting storyline about guys who are cursed to become animals and need kisses to dissolve everything and live like normal people. So it’s time for you to do your duty.
  • Go on adventures in a new world as you take part in romantic love stories and learn about the unique features that are only available in this game. You will experience new jobs.
  • The gameplay is engaging but not too complicated, so you can quickly get used to the procedures as you reach the first levels and start the journey to conquer the guys.
  • The objects you go out with are in the shape of animals, so your job is to find ways to impress them but organize the work properly.
  • Give your partner gifts to sweeten your date and this is also the fastest way to free him from the curse; also, the game will constantly have new events for you.

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