Money Rush v4.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Money Rush MOD APK v4.14.0

May 4, 2024 Casual
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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Casual
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(Unlimited Money)
Jan 25, 2023
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Money Rush MOD APK

A very simple entertainment game, but equally creative. The game does not assume the role of a specific character. Instead, there are always big bills that go roll-forward. Just roll it in the right place and the amount will gradually increase. And if you’re not careful, you’ll lose a lot of money in the blink of an eye. There is no special strategy in this game. There were no unexpected incidents. This is to entertain you to maximize your wealth.

Money Rush MOD APK

Money Rush is so simple you don’t need to learn how to play before playing. Assuming the role of the big bill, you are on an infinite path. Choose the right direction to increase or decrease amount of money you have. It’s not complicated at all. Moving it from your finger will help. The game doesn’t stop until all the money is spent. The remaining elements provide the need to relax and continue the game.

Download Money Rush mod – Choose the best portal to get more coins

This rolling and growing game requires no skill from the player. Use your finger to move the object’s rolling direction. The number of portals increases or decreases as you pass through them. If you choose the right portal, the number will increase more and more. If you choose incorrectly, it will diminish until there is nothing left. This means you lose and you have to start a new level. The game is simple but perfect for a break between study and work. Unleash your full potential to earn the most money. Skip complex skill and event elements.

Money Rush MOD

Ports increase and decrease in the number

This is a major factor in determining how long you play in Money Rush. When controlling a rolling object on an infinite path, you need to send it through another gate. The gate is always divided into two parts. Quantity increases are shown in green or blue. Meanwhile, reduced numbers are displayed prominently in red. Based on these details, it will know how to navigate to the proper port. Based on the calculation, the number of objects you currently have increases or decreases accordingly. Sometimes there will be unexpected elements like yellow doors. You never know what it brings until it rolls over.

Money Rush MOD

Change favorites

Not just coins, Money Rush offers a lot of interesting objects to roll on this endless road. For example, delicious donuts are only for those with a sweet tooth. At this time, the gate’s units also change to match the food theme. And just like money, the number of donuts increases or decreases when passing through certain gates. Besides donuts, there are also odd coin versions. The number of coins increases and decreases. Units also change. Pick the objects you want to use the most, roll them, and bulk them up.

Challenge with friends

If you play such a simple game alone for a long time, sometimes you feel bored. So how about inviting your friends to this game? It does not require an internet connection so you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime. Roll with your friends to get the maximum number of coins. Compete to see who owns the record for the most money. Money Rush not only lets you have fun with your friends, it also helps you get off to a more comfortable start. Taking breaks from time to time to increase your virtual assets is also quite interesting and exciting.

Keep rolling until you have no money left in your hand. Create the best records to make your friends admire you. Although there are no detailed achievements or highlights in the gameplay, Money Rush still offers many relevant experiences for players to relax and enjoy. The image is smooth, without too many striking colors. It gives a relaxing feeling when everyone is stressed out and wants to de-stress. Download the Money Rush mod to maximize your assets.


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