Idle Legion MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.97

Idle Legion MOD APK (Unlimited money) v1.0.97

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Android Android 4.4 Casual
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May 6, 2021
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Idle Legion MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Too many people can’t get used to a complicated strategy game. This is mainly because the way you play requires serious thought and time investment. No free time and no wits. There isn’t too much time to enjoy during breaks. That’s why we want to provide a game that is both tactical and playable when needed. Idle Legion, a new strategy combat game that was recently released. It’s full of strategy game basics. Let’s see what makes it special.

Idle Legion MOD APK

Download Idle Legion mod – Fight to build your own empire

Idle Legion is based on a long history of medieval warfare. It is set in dynasties competing for the most exclusive and advanced position. Causing a conflict between the state and the military. You will control your country’s military. Engage in war with other nations for initiative and large colonies. It’s a game that requires a moderate level of strategy, so it’s suitable for those who don’t have much time to experience.

Idle Legion MOD APK free

The game is broken into smaller challenges in sequence. More than 10000 levels to play. Equivalent to 10000 intense battlefields with varying difficulty levels. On the battlefield, you are a talented military engineer tasked with mustering an army in large numbers. The battle with the enemy was also intentionally arranged. Each level of play has a certain number of soldiers to face. Summon different types of soldiers for different units. Sort according to your own tactics. Join the war and bring your empire a glorious victory.

Get to know the military

Each match consists of two factions, ours and the enemy. It is placed in two opposite areas. Each area is divided into smaller cells. Where to put the soldier units. Fill the squares with soldiers. Arrange them in a logical order. So that soldiers properly connect and support each other in each battle. Completing each battle earns you a certain amount of money to upgrade your army. Many exciting features have been added.

Idle Legion MOD APK mod

Try your luck

Military systems are indispensable to war simulation games. In addition to infantry, there are various units with different strengths. Magic crossbows, mages, gladiators, archers… depending on the cost and shape of your infantry. All have a certain effect in battle. As a gladiator, it can deliver blows that allow the shooter to comfortably attack enemies. Additionally, the upgrade feature makes your army more powerful. Quite effective through each battle. Get more resources and land.

PvP with multiplayer

Sometimes your resources are so depleted that you don’t have enough troops to join the next battle. Then try your luck with the Wheel of Fortune. Contains various gifts such as gold, troop recruitment cards, energy, armor, battle damage and more. They will definitely help and sometimes save your life in survival battle. When each situation is dramatically reversed, it presents a surprise. It’s not very lucky, but relying on luck to win is sometimes very exciting.

After accumulating a lot of knowledge and strategies. It’s time to challenge the PvP mode. This place converges many players who are intelligent and have the ability to orchestrate and direct battles in a unique way. They move so fast if you let your guard down. Your army is instantly destroyed and unable to respond. Stay awake in PvP. Control and learn common fighting styles for different levels. Skillful and catches everyone. Put your name on the board to rank the best players. When you achieve all the great achievements, you can make a manifesto here.

If you choose a game that challenges both your intellect and your free time. It will be an idle legion. No game can combine tactical thinking with laid-back idleness. You can play anywhere. It can relieve stress and develop more strategic thinking skills.To understand this better, download Idle Legion to get a real solution.

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