War Towers – Base Wave Defense v14.0.15 MOD APK (Unlimited Bolts, Drops, Badges)

War Towers – Base Wave Defense MOD APK v14.0.15

Last Modified - May 1, 2024 Casual
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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 Casual
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(Unlimited Bolts, Drops, Badges)
Jan 23, 2023
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War Towers – Base Wave Defense MOD APK

Be well prepared to protect yourself from massive War Towers attacks. The preparations here are things that can block the enemy. What if a big tower is built and serves your purpose? Certainly blasting the targets one by one would be a huge advantage. It is your rational disposition that determines victory. Arrange your formations so that everything is homogeneous and strong enough to resist attack. With all these weapons you can easily rebuild the world.

War Towers MOD APK

The greatest war in history took place on the post-apocalyptic world of War Towers. You are there to solve any problems people face. Hundreds of powerful weapons will make you very satisfied. Destroy your enemies in the world’s best tower defense game. Fail or Win? Two very unpredictable things given the conditions. So why not make it more specific with your power? Maybe everyone is waiting for a new change that will be their savior.

War Towers MOD

Download War Towers mod – Build towers and defend the base

Another human disaster struck as a strange virus spread and entered the body. Causes all infected to become unusually lethal and insane. As the commander of the last frontline, be sure to protect it. It would be best to build a tower strong enough to destroy the undead. The bonus drops every time you kill an opponent. Use this money to keep upgrading and building more towers. In later stages the battle becomes much easier. But don’t underestimate your enemies, as they have secret weapons you know nothing about.

War Towers MOD

Tower of War

A variety of combat tools are essential for us to find progress. We first see that there are different types of towers. Each one creates some very interesting attack patterns to try out. For example, towers can fire powerful cannons at enemies. Discharge towers provide a rather interesting propagation effect of lethal bolts of lightning. Poison Towers can shoot a lot of chemicals that wipe out all enemies in front of them. Different types of towers can be built quickly, as long as conditions permit. Then he witnessed a terrible rivalry with his enemies.

Special ability

What’s interesting about combat is that you get special abilities as you level up. Unique abilities grant random stats to help you in battle. For example, your damage and crit increase each time you shoot an enemy. You can also fortify your defenses when enemies reach your base. Upon reaching the compatible condition, the tower’s attack speed is increased. Reduces the speed of enemies approaching your tower. It is also possible to collect more coins after destroying enemies. Reach the highest level possible to enhance even more special abilities for upcoming battles.

Crazy zombies

Do not underestimate zombies as they have many other dangerous transformations. You can go up against big butchers with heavy weapons. Assassins are lightning fast with incredible running speed. Those who can fly and use toxic chemical weapons. Many other terrifying variants should be removed immediately from the War Towers mod.


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