Zombie War Idle v243 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Resources)

Zombie War Idle MOD APK v243

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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 Casual
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(Unlimited Money/Resources)
Jan 12, 2023
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Zombie War Idle MOD APK

Imagine waking up one morning to find that you live in a world full of giant cannibals. They were born after a global pandemic. The number of zombies never stops increasing every minute. They are bloodthirsty monsters, dangerous cannibal zombies. Wouldn’t it be scary?

Download Zombie War mod – survive the group of bloodthirsty Zombies

Based on that storyline, ONESOFT has released a game called Zombie War. Although it was released in early January 2021, it caught the attention of gamers. Zombie War exceeded 100,000 downloads on the first day of release. Zombie War promises to deliver a very exciting experience for gamers who love fighting games. Just like the game, players will engage in battle against the evil zombie hordes. Soccer Kick and Game of Evolution are also fun games. You should try exploring to spend the most relaxing moments with different gameplay.

Zombie War MOD APK

The city you live in is no longer peaceful after a pandemic. Zombies began to multiply and grow rapidly, threatening the lives of entire cities. Humans are in danger before madness and bloodthirsty zombies. You have to fight monsters to survive in these difficult situations. Zombie War is a combination of several types of games. Players will act as brave warriors to fight bloodthirsty zombies. You can also claim the throne by challenging other warriors.

Flexible play mode

Zombie War is a shooting game with two game modes for gamers to choose from. Players can challenge auto battles by turning on auto mode. In this mode, you destroy hordes of zombies by touching them on moving ones. The Stinger aims at a target to subdue. This game mode is suitable for beginners to play Zombie War. And once you get used to the game, you can choose to control your gun freely. You will need to use ingenuity and sharpness of your hands to control the muzzle. It should be very precise and fast. Otherwise the player will be eaten by zombies. Your gun is your most important weapon, and you can drag and drop it onto the zombies to utilize other items as well to increase their attack power

Zombie War MOD

Diverse missions

Zombie War offers over 100 different missions. Players are free to test their abilities. Each mission has a different difficulty level. Players need to know how to deploy and use sensible tactics to overcome. Getting the job done isn’t easy at all. However, as each mission is completed, you will earn loot. Items that help support and strengthen your stamina. Players must also constantly upgrade their weapons and build a strong defense force. Your army of heroes has unique skills to defeat hordes of zombies.

Zombie War APK

Extensive arsenal

In Zombie War, characters are divided into 2 factions. On one side is a legion of zombies representing evil. One side is an army of heroes representing the side against evil. Both sides will have a fierce battle for victory. Zombie War offers a very diverse arsenal. Various types of firearms such as pistols, handguns, machine guns… Zombies are also very diverse, coming from all sides and appearing everywhere. Zombie nurses, bodyguards, chefs…

Winning collect more gems, increase coins

In Zombie War, items are collected after each victory. These are gems and coins. Players can use gems to help in battle. Or you can use the coins you earn to buy more weapons. The larger your arsenal, the greater the fighting power of your hero army. Your fortress gets stronger. This feature makes players more excited and motivates players to fight more passionately. The game also features rich map designs that change between battles. Gamers will never get bored with the game’s background.

Zombie War is an apocalyptic shooter game for Android. Eye-catching design and outstanding image quality. Zombie War offers players dramatic and engaging battles. Players will have an exciting experience. Are you ready to enter the apocalyptic world and fight the survival threat of zombie hordes? Download the Zombie War mod, defeat zombies in gunfights and restore peace to the city.

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