Metal Wings MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode) 6.7

Metal Wings MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode) v6.7

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Metal Wings MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode)

The prospect of an alien invasion of Earth during human development is not so outlandish. Its captivating subject matter has appeared in many works of art. There are also many genres of video games. Among them is the game Metal Wings, which takes us to the future. As science and technology develops much more modern. And mankind suffered a massive invasion by alien monsters. What awaits us behind this onslaught?

Metal Wings MOD APK

Metal Wings is a simple 2D shooter genre that deals with an invasion of mysterious monsters. They are obviously not of terrestrial origin. I came here for a vague purpose. Attack everyone in the world. So the government created a task force with the same name as the game. With a mission to destroy all those dangerous creatures. Avoid so that Earth will welcome more dangers in the future.

Download Metal Wings mod – The brave steel warriors

As the warrior’s controller, you will be directly tasked with fighting this ferocious alien monster. They are very dangerous and require a lot of powerful weapons to intimidate them. Players are provided with the latest equipment for the future world. Entering the battlefield is the game screen, and you can only move left and right in this 2D space. There are various terrains. Monsters will appear nearby waiting for you. It’s a battlefield where you have to fight chaos to survive.

Metal Wings MOD

Key characters

Monsters usually appear in waves and have distinctive markings to identify them. Then pick up your gun and fire. The character control system is very simple. Parts shooting game will take care of you. On the left are the familiar buttons to fire, change guns, change bullets, and change grenades, just like in traditional shooting games. Destruction takes a long time if you are not used to the pace of the game. After a while you won’t have to worry anymore.

There are many characters to choose from in different matches. Aside from possessing different skills, they look very similar in gameplay. You can select anyone from the list. Take them into battle and fight monsters. It is also a very wise choice to use the skill that corresponds to the monster’s counter. Because each person has their own unique weapon. As your ability to use different weapons improves, your level increases significantly.

Metal Wings APK

The monster race is very massive

Monsters are designed in a unique and creative way. There are many outstanding species that deserve mention on this list, according to their various forms of evolution. These are animal-looking species that equip humans with machines and weapons. Become a real destruction machine. The gods of death are adept at robbing and destroying souls in the quickest and deadliest ways. Needless to say, there are robotic enemies. Depending on the species, they can fly, jump, or run at very high speeds. You’ll need to dodge projectiles and attacks to give yourself a chance to counterattack before sacrificing.

Giant dangerous boss

Indispensable to the final boss of each race. After defeating almost all of them, the boss will appear. Its massive stature will probably surprise you and quite astound you. However, in this situation, it is important to remain calm to deal with any difficulties. Because it is bigger than other monsters. Bosses have separate attack skills, large health bars, and very large damage areas. You will have to avoid everything if you do not want to sacrifice in vain. It may take a long time to respond. But it won’t be impossible.

Are you ready to jump into this chaotic one-on-one battle? This will not be a futile fight as you are equipped with the most advanced weapons. A human mindset like fighting that soulless machine. When you’re ready, join the world of Metal Wings and take control of a brave warrior. Win most convincingly on this chaotic battlefield. Defeat the giant boss and win the ultimate title. This is the ultimate goal of the Metal Wings mod.

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