Kick the Buddy v2.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Kick the Buddy MOD APK v2.5.1

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(Unlimited Money/Gold)
Feb 13, 2023
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Kick the Buddy MOD APK

Kick the Buddy MOD APK

You often find a way to forget life’s setbacks or stresses, and I often choose games. It’s not a negative measure, but it still helps fight fatigue effectively. Kick the Buddy is a fun game that helps players get their energy back. If you’ve ever played pet care games and you need to have a lot of fun to make your pet happy, then this is the opposite game. Players can torture characters by hitting them or shooting people. The character’s life force is very persistent and cannot be destroyed by a few bullets. Tried dozens of grenades, still alive and smiling.

Download Kick the Buddy MOD – Torture the Doll your way

Think of a character who makes you feel bad and makes you do what you love. Use your weapon to point at body parts and knock them down. Characters can also be blown into corners by bombs and bleeding, but they are very difficult to kill. This is how Kick the Buddy levels are maintained. Too little time is ineffective for entertainment. Creating a positive atmosphere for players is what Playgendary aims to do.

Immobilizing a target is a player favorite. While under attack, the character always screams and displays an unscrupulous attitude. Provoking you to find other ways to torture more powerfully. As well as hand skills, you have a variety of guns in your arsenal. Use a pistol or cannon to make the doll bleed. With a pistol, it will take a long time for your character to surrender. I usually pick and use the most expensive items in the store. Throughout the game, the screen is the player’s brutal torture. However, it is not violent because the character is only in the form of a doll, not a person or entity.

The gameplay helps you relieve stress

As with sports like boxing, it eliminates fatigue when focusing on punches. But if for some reason it is difficult for you to go in for sports. Kick the Buddy is a much easier option. At the beginning of the game, you can see the character dancing as if provoking. Beat them up, don’t let them settle in the box.

Kick the Buddy has a locker with various torture options. Nanoweapons, guns, trees, tools… For example, it’s normal to use a gun to shoot, and use a drill to pierce your character’s body. It’s a really interesting form of torture.

Choose your furniture

You don’t have to take care of this character, but you can change some outfits. Although not as much as when choosing furniture, clothes help change the image of a doll. If you choose a personality type, its attitude will definitely frustrate you and continue to torture you terribly.


A cardboard box is a basic decoration for characters inside a box that cannot be escaped. Changes to many other styles such as Sewer, Switch Room, and Padded Cell. It’s like taking your character to a new place and doing the worst thing to their body.


Kick the Buddy is an offline game, but requires a network connection to purchase items. This is considered a big minus, since this game has a lot of ads that constantly appear. One tip is to turn off your internet connection when playing and turn it on when you want to buy certain items. It helps players not be bothered by too many ad frequencies.

The downside of the game

Start playing Buddy so you can engage in gameplay where you do everything possible to torture your character. Perfect for fixing all the bad things happening around you. let’s have fun again Download the Kick the Buddy MOD to torture your character from simple torture to savage torture.

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