Cooking Channel MOD APK 1.9 (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Channel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.9

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Jan 27, 2023
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Cooking Channel MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Channel opens a world famous restaurant under your management. As you work as a chef and manage your money manually, customers come from all over the world. Your job is to carefully serve your customers and discover new recipes. We expand our branches all over the world. After one visit to the restaurant, you will become addicted and become a loyal fan of the restaurant. Be mindful of cooking times to ensure you get the most perfect version without overcooking or undercooking.

Cooking Channel MOD APK

Download Cooking Channel mod – Run and manage a high-end restaurant while cooking delicious food

Apart from operating in a restaurant, the player has an online cooking channel that attracts numerous fans. You have to keep the restaurant running and manage the cooking channel. As the channel became famous, countless famous gourmets came to compete and learn experiences and recipes. Having a large number of followers can put pressure on you and lead to stiff competition from other restaurants. Master your cooking skills and improve your skills every day. Manage your time flexibly. Even the slightest deviation will make the dish disappear. Are you ready for this new culinary journey?

Cooking Channel MOD APK

Download Cooking Channel mod – Run and manage a fine restaurant while cooking delicious food.
Inside the restaurant, you stand behind the counter. Fully equipped with utensils, utensils and cooking machines. Food sources were also carefully and perfectly prepared. Whenever a customer stands in front of the counter and asks for a dish. There is a descending green time bar on side. Players must prepare enough dishes for that time. Otherwise, customers will not be satisfied and players will have to serve other customers. Serve the required number of customers at that level. When you complete your wish, a pile of gold coins stacked on the side is added to your wallet.

Many restaurants

After earning a lot of money and completing the restaurant missions first, the player unlocks the restaurant behind them. Each restaurant offers a variety of cuisines. The shop signs tell players what to do in these places. Open is a shop serving burgers and fries. Then there are shops that offer cute cakes. A bit more upscale is the restaurant serving delicious beefsteaks. Inside each diner, additional side dishes are served in a similar fashion. Alternatively, they have similar treatments to meet the different needs of guests from all over the world.

Cooking Channel MOD

Notice the time

Equipment such as ovens, frying pans, toasters, etc. in the kitchen will be refurbished soon. First of all, they seem to be very simple and easy to use. But when hosting a lot of guests, players need tools that work faster. It is more modern so that we can serve our customers as quickly as possible. Of course, you have to spend the gold coins that players get when selling dishes. You can even upgrade your dishes to make them tastier and more eye-catching. More food, more beautiful means that the income of these dishes must also increase. Use it to attract high-end customer segments.

Each dish has a specific recipe that creates the perfect version. When the player places a plate on the stove, a countdown timer appears next to it. It counts down the cooking time of a dish from start to finish. Tracking the watch is a blue-grey dotted circle. The dish is complete when the entire circle turns green. If the player is not paying attention and places the plate on the stove, the clock will turn yellow and brown. The dishes also disintegrate, darken and smoke. In the worst case, use a fire extinguisher.

Players can record their cooking process and post it on the restaurant’s social media pages. When guests have eaten and are satisfied, they can also follow your page. You can serve a lot of satisfied customers and give your restaurant good reviews. Each diner can also take their dishes to compete against other diners. Choose your best dish, the cake version, to satisfy the most customers. Download the Cooking Channel mod to manage your restaurant and social media and cook amazing dishes for your customers.

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