A4 – Run Away Challenge MOD APK (Unlimited Likes/Unlocked) 1.64

A4 – Run Away Challenge MOD APK (Unlimited Likes/Unlocked) v1.64

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Android 7.0
Android Android 7.0 Casual
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Sep 14, 2022
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A4 – Run Away Challenge MOD APK (Unlimited Likes/Unlocked)

A4 – Run Away Challenge is a game in which you and your friends run after enemies. There is no specific plot to this game, but you will be drawn to finding a way to survive the longest. Control your character in a direction where there are no enemies with a certain range of map restrictions. If they don’t run to catch them, A4 will be instantly killed. Not only is it fast, but it is also crowded and blocked in all directions. The exit isn’t always right next to it, so don’t ignore it. The longer a game has likes, the higher the number of points per player. This is a game that brings you joy and surprise.

A4 – Run Away Challenge MOD APK

Enemies do not chase after each other, but explode when they collide. Besides running away, try not to get caught by the enemy. Make enemies collide with each other. Removing number reduction allows players to run over larger areas. A4 – Run Away Challenge is a Russian game with language restrictions when only English is supported. It does not automatically change language after installation. If you don’t want to use Russian, go to Settings and change it to English.

Download A4 – Run Away Challenge MOD – Escape from the pursuit of enemies

Glent is the one you’ll take the role of and help him live the longest in the context of many enemies. Blocks, iron rods, or anything in your path can be tools to help you clear enemies. Touches are only allowed up to 3 times, of course the number can be higher if the player collects heart symbols. As the face erupted, the area gradually narrowed. It’s harder to escape because the space gets smaller and smaller. However, A4 – Run Away Challenge allows you to attack again rather than just run away. Huge or bigger than the enemy, even if the enemy is still following you, you can aggressively force your character to attack again.

A4 – Run Away Challenge MOD

Characters and maps

A4 – Run Away Challenge has many characters and locations to choose from, but you have to pay for it. It’s fun to change different characters, though these options don’t dictate the next level of gameplay. Besides Glent, there are Vlad, Fatman, Kinder, Swat, Zombie, Policeman, Greeny and more. You can buy it for $0.99 or buy it all for $3.99, but I think one stage is enough. You don’t have to spend money to pay for those in-game items.

Character upgrade

Upgrade your character: speed, rotation, lifespan, etc. to eliminate enemies in the best possible way. You need likes to upgrade. Likes equal currency in A4 – Run Away Challenge. You can collect likes on the game screen and you will have 39 likes for max glent per game. However, A4 – Run Away Challenge MOD automatically gets a lot of likes just by completing the first game.

A4 – Run Away Challenge  APK

Each time an enemy explodes and crashes, the player receives a gift box. Random rewards such as Likes, Hearts, Fighters, Guard Circles, etc. Each item has a very good support effect for your character. Download A4 – Run Away Challenge MOD to escape and save your life in fun gameplay.

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