Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG v1.74.016r MOD APK (Unlocked, No ADS)

Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG MOD APK v1.74.016r

April 25, 2024 GAMES
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(Unlocked, No ADS)
Dec 28, 2022
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Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG MOD APK


Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG is a life simulation game in which players experience leaving the main character’s family to pay off their parents’ debts. You will go to a new city for a new life and have time to explore for yourself. At the same time, you can go anywhere you want to find essential places similar to real life. So this will be a game where you can build your own ideal life with the girl you like. Citampi Stories MOD APK gives new life with a new identity. You are a young man who has recently left his parents’ home and is starting a new life in the town of Citampi. Do all things you love with unlimited money. An interesting thing that Citampi Stories offers is that you will have the opportunity to interact with 7 female characters who have totally attractive looks. The first girl you can find is at McDonald’s fast food restaurant. You can interact with this character from there, but you shouldn’t decide on emotional development yet.

Citampi Stories apk

Citampi Stories MOD APK

You need to find another woman and find someone you like. Developers will give you a real experience when you can get married and have a family with the girl you like. But once the journey begins, you discover something far more valuable than happiness. You have unlocked all the tasks as you need to find the ones you want. Find a job and a girl, settle down and start your own family. You must reach out to her to make her her bride, her wife, and mother of her children. You can use her free purchases to buy her clothes and other items for her.. At Ciampi Stories, you’re sure to keep the romantic spark alive even after years of marriage. During pregnancy you have to take good care of your wife by providing her fruits and vegetables. It will be a love story game as you manage the household, pay the bills, and more. When you and your wife are ready, you can finally welcome your first child into the world and see a new chapter in your romantic story at Citampi Stories. . Take good care of your baby as it grows from toddler to boy/girl.

Citampi Stories is a popular simulation and RPG game with over a million downloads. Your character owes a lot to your parents, so you have to pay them back. You recently moved to the city of Citampi to find happiness. This game is basically based on a person’s life. Over time, you grow up and then find the right job to marry the girl of your dreams, have children together, and fulfill your family’s wishes. Take care of your family. In this alternative variant, benefit from a modified premium feature. The gameplay brings you amazing fun while enjoying the story. Apply random tactics to make flashy mode fun with unlocked tools. Unlimited money to unlock, upgrade and enjoy premium tools and characters. better accessibility of tools and an ad-free environment without distractions;

Citampi Stories apk


Citampi Stories Mod offers convenience and features that you cannot get in the original version. For this, if you are interested and want to download the Citampi Stories MOD APK right away. This game is constantly updated with improvements and content enhancements to reflect player needs. Your legend starts here.

Plant and produce

You can do a lot in Citampi to grow your character and earn money. You can plant and produce a variety of fruits and vegetables in your garden. You can also go fishing, adopt a pet, find items to clean, hunt for treasure, and more. Citampi village has many stories for your character. In all those stories, you have to complete missions and quests with unlimited energy to see different personality types and get lots of rewards.

Enjoy being the richest

Get a chance to become the player with the best chance to become the richest person in the game. Because with this wealth you can do things more freely and unlimitedly with unlimited purchases. Coins are one of the main purchase items you use often, and you can get them through jobs. Coins can be used to purchase multiple items in the shop. And you are in luck because this game features a modified version.

RPG Game with Very Indonesian Style

What makes Citampi Stories interesting is the situations and real stories of modern life in Indonesia with various professions such as teachers, minimarket/supermarket cashiers, priests, civil servants, doctors, nurses, distribution security guards, etc. are adapted into exciting simulation games such as:

Citampi Stories free mod

Easy Control with Offline Games

Controls in Citampi Stories are as easy as choosing which direction to go. Then just tap the home or other people you want to interact with. You can also tap the button depending on the goal you want to achieve. Citampi Stories does not require an internet connection to play this great game! Wherever you are, you can enjoy this game. It is not easy to complete all the levels as some are really difficult. But if you want to play this game just for fun, that’s not a problem.


Download the mod version with freebies and unlimited money to access premium gameplay. The gameplay of Citampi Stories MOD APK is very simple. To control your character, just touch the screen. This game is completely free to download and play, so enjoy and share with your friends.

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