Dungeon Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.12.0

Dungeon Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money) v1.12.0

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Dungeon Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Dungeon Inc is a game that simulates the evil for-profit corporation you run. The legitimate and idle business genre must be an all-too-familiar topic. Conversely, players are looking for games that are not boring and have unique content. For example, restaurants, factories, and hotels float and repeat. Dungeon Inc was created with a unique context and theme to store and satisfy your entertainment needs. Gaming is also a form of organization and management, but with a negative character, in order to arouse resonance and curiosity in gamers when experiencing games. Still wondering what this problem is? Of course, we do not recommend following anyone for entertainment purposes.

Dungeon Inc MOD APK

When you become the boss of an illegal gold mining company, the world of the game becomes quite chaotic. You will do the most vile and brutal things to keep your business growing. It sounds unappealing, but how do you know what’s unique about it if you haven’t tried it? You start coming up with ideas and finding all kinds of tricks to protect your bases and factories to achieve maximum profit.

Download Dungeon Inc mod – company lord

Do you have plans to build and grow for this mining company? Being an evil lord with a perfect plan is great. As long as the results are promising, it’s worth it no matter how bad. If the profits are too legitimate, the return on capital is very small. Getting closer to getting rich sometimes takes cheating and lawlessness. It was the mindset of a warlord running an illegal mining company. Opponents are cunning and cunning. Be the most cunning and manage the gold mine. Build an image of a wealthy lord and take on the worst of them. Overcome everything to get great benefits for yourself.

Dungeon Inc MOD

The first plan was to build a base to store illegal gold and hold illegal gatherings. Underground dungeons to quickly execute your plan. You can work simultaneously and find the ultimate amount of gold. Tap a lot to expand your prison and collect a lot of gold. But, of course, the deeper you build your prison, the more likely no one will come and know your plans. Leaves great plans and unexpected profits. You will be the ruler of this prison. It’s never been easier to sit around and count your money. There are still working machines in the dungeon. Subordinates report external information. The space here is covered with lights, and small lights shine. To make a very dark room, the ruler is you.

Dungeon Inc APK

Employee recruitment

Of course, no company can exist without veteran employees. Even in the group Dungeon Inc, what is unique here is their origins and origins. Recruit only the most cunning and vicious monster staff. Each monster has a quest to build for your company. There are also specific names and ranks, each with combat abilities. Accompanying damage, movement speed, archery skill… To keep your base safe, you must discover and possess monsters with unique skills. . They will help you with tax evasion, bookkeeping, and cheating to crush your opponents. Sometimes they rob and exploit to get a more stable revenue value. Unlock and upgrade to get more goblins.


Raid combat

After building an elite team of staff monsters, you need to start working on increasing your insurance value. There are battles between groups of monsters to collect cash. An event is installed in the game and you can invite more friends. Raid and attack others to benefit your company. Deploy staff with perfect skills and attack power. Power is doubled. There are also many amulets that monsters can carry to aid in raids. When attacking, players choose a group of staff to facilitate the impersonation plan.

Other features include spinning roulette to win gifts, expanding dungeons and designing meeting rooms, and unlocking ancient artifacts. Intentionally cause accidents to get insurance money and unlock in-game areas. Countless fascinating categories to explore in Dungeon Inc. Download the Dungeon Inc mod become evil lord of a gold mining company.

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