FAR: Lone Sails APK 1.31

FAR: Lone Sails APK v1.31

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Android 5.1
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Nov 3, 2020
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FAR: Lone Sails APK

Have you ever felt so lonely with nothing to do? Don’t want to talk to anyone or even want to walk? It’s annoying, isn’t it, if you really want to get out of it and find your motivation. Through this FAR: Lone Sails game. You will find that there are times when you are alone. But you will still be intimately attached to something inseparable. You can find something that makes you think in this seemingly simple game. We’ll let you know right away.

FAR: Lone Sails APK

Download FAR: Lone Sails – When you never feel lonely

This is a recently released silent game. What does quiet game mean? This is a game without a single line of text. Except perhaps the credits. . That game can still help people understand the different layers of meaning. It deeply influences the values ​​and advice you want to convey. A variety of topics are mostly explained through images, sounds, and many other elements. FAR: Lone Sails is one such game.

FAR: Lone Sails APK free

The opening of the game is a scene of a house in the middle of the wilderness. Next to it is a strangely designed boat that walks on land. Our protagonist leaves the house. Get on board and leave everything behind. Start and move forward. Words or words do not appear on the screen. He left there at once. Ice on a ship with great sails. You start moving from place to place without knowing exactly what your destination is. From here, the main character’s own journey begins.

Adventure in a lonely world

The entire road is just an endless expanse of land. Oddly enough, I don’t see anyone on this trip. You seem to realize that this is a post-apocalyptic world. What is left is barren barren land. There is not a single living thing except the protagonist himself. Sometimes your ship will have certain problems when moving from place to place. Take care of them so you can have a safe ride. I don’t know where the destination is.

FAR: Lone Sails APK mod

Facing dangerous weather

The journey is far: Lone Sails continues. Together you and the ship will cross many strange lands. There are places where the climate is cold and snowy, accompanied by severe blizzards. There are places that are barren and dry like vast deserts. Many places hide the remnants of certain civilizations that have perished. It may have been because of an apocalyptic catastrophe, but now only you exist. The village was deserted and could not meet anyone. Fortunately, this technology is still available. You must use them to maintain your ship. How many roads and terrains you have passed.

The end point of the journey

No trip is complete and safe. Natural disasters await you in the biggest moves of your life.Your ship will hit its limits at some point. But it is your only companion. Now you realize you are not alone in this cold world. Because that ship is what connects you. The two help each other overcome danger and are together until the final point of this trip.

When you overcome everything you can hold on to. We have finally arrived at our final destination. A calm beach with gentle waves crashing on the shore. At this point, the ship doesn’t seem to have any energy left. This is the last point to stop. I feel a little sad and sad in my heart. But the faith and energy will still be on. It is not only the end point of the journey, but also the final point to rid yourself of loneliness and depression throughout the game.

FAR: Lone Sails is a truly special game. The gloomy atmosphere and faded colors made the layers of deep meaning clear to the player. The whole journey seemed to be loneliness and emptiness. But we went on an adventure with some really cool companions. Overcome many difficulties and hardships together, achieve your goals and stop being satisfied. FAR: Lone Sails mode. Sorry if you haven’t played.

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