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Heroes and Castles 2 APK

In Heroes and Castles 2, lead your mighty army and battle in fortified castles. Your castle has been targeted by powerful enemies in the dark. They are monsters that have taken over every part of this world, and you are the invaders. However, humanity’s expanding journey could not be stopped due to monsters appearing along the way. And the monsters have made too many and now it’s time to execute the punishment. You will start the battle with a brave army against monsters. Destroying all their attacks will help keep the castle you are protecting safe.

Heroes and Castles 2

A castle built in the world of monsters thanks to mankind’s long journey. Humanity has always wanted to explore the planet and took his first steps. However, human expansion plans were also halted when hordes of monsters appeared. They want to stop humans from invading and destroying all their creations. This land is considered their holiest, and they will stop it at all costs. But your task is to fight them and develop your castle. Build a brave army to fight monsters and defend human expansion plans.

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Humans have no choice but to engage in battle to protect themselves from emerging enemies. Monsters have occupied this land for too long, and anyone who invades it is considered an enemy. No matter how strong humans are, they cannot stand against natural objects. So he has to build defense castles and train powerful heroes. They are new soldiers joining humanity’s plan to expand new lands. The monster’s attack forces them to engage in battle, but they will not be afraid. Your army has to join the battle and run your hero’s army in the castle.

Heroes and Castles 2

Monster attack

Monsters always designate humans as enemies by default and start attacking. And the fact that humans invaded their land gave demons a reason to run. But humans also don’t want to live with monsters who always want to harm humans. After all, a war must happen, and a monster who cannot keep his cool first is a monster. They desperately wanted to rid the world of what they called alien invaders. You need to build defenses to stop the constant waves of monster attacks. Build a mighty castle and train an army of brave heroes against monsters.

Castle army

You have to face the waves of monsters that come with your own forces. The monsters will be very cruel to humans and will attack you until you win. But you have an army in your castle and will always be ready to face them. Humanity’s extended journey also helps find new factions fighting heroes. And you also need to train a solid army capable of annihilating enemies in front of your castle. Your army of heroes will be indomitable warriors against the most ferocious monsters. This monster land is a place where humans are needed, so let’s fight the holy army.

Defend the castle

The castle you build must successfully defend your army from monsters. And you need to build a first line of defense against all monsters in front of the court. The wall will be where your hero defends and attacks enemies. You can also improve your castle by building powerful turrets. Corpses that will help castle hero destroy monsters in battle. Defending the court is not only a trained hero’s job, but yours as well. Be a wise lord to successfully defend your castle from monsters.

Heroes and Castles 2 Free Mod

A war between humans against attacking monsters should always happen. No one can live with someone they think is hurting each other. Humans have invaded the land of monsters and have started a war by force. But you get castles and powerful and heroic forces to defend them. They will be the most loyal force to resist attacking monsters. You can also upgrade your castle army to defend your living fortress. Download the Heroes and Castles 2 mod to lead your castle army and defeat the attacking monsters.

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