Hooked Inc: Fishing Games v2.30.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hooked Inc: Fishing Games MOD APK v2.30.1

April 23, 2024 GAMES
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Android Android 4.4 GAMES
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(Unlimited Money)
Dec 15, 2022
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Hooked Inc: Fishing Games MOD APK


Android is one of the most passionate OSes because it contains millions of fun sources including games, applications and streaming platforms. You can replace your laptop and television with this little enthusiastic gadget. Besides, smartphones are much cheaper and offer more features than these huge devices. All you need to do is install your Android smartphone and the Google Play Store. Apart from that information, I have a quick question. Are you an addictive gamer and want to become more addicted? If so, you must endure at least one Hooked Inc game. This is a great Android game where you can fish or hook different styles of fish and earn money. It is best to fish by swiping the screen or tapping the fish.

Hooked Inc MOD APK

You might be thinking that a game like this based on one repetitive task can be addictive, right? I used to think that too, but the gameplay really changed my mindset and now I spend a lot of time getting this entertainment. Now, to make your gaming even more exciting, we present you Hooked Inc MOD APK, a modified version of the official Hooked Inc game! So download Recreation and have fun!

Hook Fishes by swiping the screen and making dollars

Get ready for an epic fish farm adventure! An addictive adventure where you just have to catch fish and upgrade your fishing items with the resources you get. yes! It’s as simple as that. Hooked Inc is an offline simulation Android game that simulates freestyle fishing mode and allows you to withstand world class boats. A simple game developed by Lion Studios in September 2017 with over 10 million addicted gamers.

According to the game plot, you have to catch millions of fish and upgrade your boat with all the items and resources. The game’s name, Hooked, is known for its simulation abilities that can plunge you into the subtlest addictions. After playing this game for a moment, you can’t refuse this game! Start your Hooked Inc journey today and be content with this fishing world!

Hooked Inc MOD

Enjoy over ten exceptionally upgraded boats and upgrades

Boats are the power of Hooked games because you can shape your own destiny yourself after being upgraded and having an outstanding boat. It’s a simple game at first, but you can’t resist upgrading your boat within the game. Yes, it’s costly, but hard to ignore! Basically, The Hooked Inc offers 18 levels of boats. Here you can enjoy a level 18 futuristic boat that starts with a simple brown boat and goes through tons of upgrades to catch legendary fish. Besides the boat, you can also choose the depth you want to fish. In short, you can go to the deep seas up to level 15 to find legendary fish that can provide millions of dollars for simple fishing. So start playing today and enjoy the fishing frenzy with upgrades!

Play the endless gaming, unlocking the unusual add-on items

Besides boat upgrades and depth, you can go one step further to upgrade the power of your fishing – items! The item is basically a fishing add-on that you can buy and upgrade from now on to catch more fish than you did in the beginning. It can withstand items such as bird catchers, lucky hats, lucky spinners, skulls, harpoons, and boomboxes. A chance to get valuable fish value. Download the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

Hooked Inc APK

Go for the modified game to get additional advancements

The revised version is a magical variant called Hooked Inc MOD APK created for the same official game Hooked Inc. It’s the same game with the same game interface, items, boats and upgrades. Additionally, the game offers tons of extras for free, such as unlimited resources, unlimited upgrades, and more unusual ones. An ad-free game ready to deliver all your dreams within the same Hooked Inc experience. You can download it on any smartphone with or without root access enabled. Hurry up and click the link below and download the Hooked Inc MOD APK for exclusive fun!

Time to employ the never-ending Dollars and unlock powerful boats

Dollars are Hooked Inc’s primary currency, earned through fishing. The more fish you catch, the more dollars it will make. You can also unlock deeper depths or boat upgrades to unban legendary fish, each costing millions of dollars. Everything is in your hands, all you need is to fish and unlock! Even if you don’t need this effort, you can download the Hooked Inc MOD APK. The modified version gives you free Unlimited Dollars so you can use them and upgrade to the highest depth and Tier 17 boat!

Enjoy the power of unlimited gems and enjoy never-ending upgrades

In addition to endless dollars, Hooked Inc MOD APK provides unlimited gems to use and upgrade hundreds of items such as top-notch fishing rods and bird catchers. You can also use these gems to upgrade your character and unlock new characters full of ultimate powers like Red Junior, Uncle Sam and Britney. Download the fix and join the world-class fishing experience!

Experience the entirely unlocked fishing item menu free of charge

Hooked Inc MOD APK features a fully unlocked shop menu in the same game interface and same items. Here you can purchase and use all available items from our list of hundreds of items. You can also enjoy unlocked characters for fishing and harness their immense powers to earn tons of money and passionate fun. The fun is about to begin. All you have to do is connect to the Hooked Inc MOD APK.


The wait is over! Now you can download the Hooked Inc MOD APK from the link below and enjoy the most passionate game full of tons of fun and complete features. A game where you can use unlimited resources and buy all your favorite items to survive the simple game despite the complicated struggle. Download Hooked Inc MOD APK and let the fun begin!

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