Slap Kings v1.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Slap Kings MOD APK v1.9.0

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Jan 23, 2023
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Slap Kings MOD APK

Slap Kings welcome you to the arena with powerful opponents. Players engage in turn-based battles with characters in simple gameplay. Not only can you hit your opponent until you run out of strength, but you can also take a hit. In general, the gameplay in Slap Kings is uncomplicated, but mastering a skill that causes your opponent to lose a lot of health is a whole different story. Getting the first turn is a player’s advantage. The chance to knock your opponents down helps you win, but it also helps unlock new, more difficult levels. Slap Kings offers players a simple and fun action game mode.

The main gameplay is to attack by hitting the opponent, but the arena is very professionally designed by the publisher. It’s not even a boxing competition. There is a fence around you surrounded by spectators watching you and your opponents. The two used the momentum for a devastating slap across the table. Similar to Kick the Buddy, Hide ‘N Seek! You will find the thrill in this engaging action game mode.

Download Slap Kings mod – The powerful slaps

Slap Kings MOD APK

It’s not just you and your opponent in the ring right now. Many fans are closely watching every action in the match. Not sure if they’re betting down there, but their cheers will also motivate you to win. At least don’t be humiliated in front of a lot of people. The screen usually only lasts for 3 turns, as the character’s health is limited. Slap Kings brings a variety of opponents across the country. Playing with people with muscular bodies can make you lose your confidence. However, appearances in this game do not determine everything and dominate because of appearances. The slap skill is simulated by the slap king in the image of a professional game.

Slap Kings MOD APK

Slap to win

Players and opponents will fight in turn. In fact, if you haven’t played Slap Kings, you’ll find that using the word fight is overkill. But trust me. Every match here evokes extremely intense emotions. Waiting for the right moment will help your character get the most hits, and your opponent will be defeated. A loser with low stamina can send the loser out of the ring with a final punch. It was a happy moment for the winner, but also an unpleasant moment for the opponent.

Your opponent

Slap Kings MOD

Slap Kings creates competition between you and many other opponents. They come in a variety of shapes and styles. It is the exact opposite of the number of characters in the player. Only one main character can be used throughout the entire Epic Tournament. You start with a game mode where you stand on a podium using a slab while taking a bounty. Help your character easily fight many tough opponents. You have to turn around to get the slabs that will keep your opponent alive for life.

Slap Kings MOD


Characters have two main stats: Health and Strength. If you’re thinking of exercising regularly or finding a sport you love, stop. Slap Kings isn’t that complicated, so you’ll need to spend bonus money to upgrade. Each new difficulty will be much higher, and inevitably the gap in statistics between you and your opponent will grow. Obviously, without new pressure, sooner or later the game will get boring. Slap Kings allows you to improve your character by performing upgrades to have more strength and health to withstand the attacks of your opponents.

Slap Kings has two options. Master the slap or stand still to let your opponent do what you want them to do. I’m not sure you’ll be healed after giving them a chance. Find right moment for each hit to get the best effect. Download the Slap Kings mod to enter the arena, go solo and join hands with enemies everywhere.

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