Hungry Shark Heroes MOD APK (God mode, onehit) 3.4

Hungry Shark Heroes MOD APK (God mode, onehit) v3.4

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Jan 20, 2020
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Hungry Shark Heroes MOD APK (God mode, onehit)

Of all the fish, sharks are most famous for their aggressiveness in the sea. They have sharp teeth and strong bites that amaze us. The small fish are all face to face and reluctant to become prey. The power of the shark is unmatched and represents the power of the vast sea. Do you like the power of these sharks too? So download Hungry Shark Heroes to eat other small fish and become the king of the sea.

Hungry Shark Heroes MOD APK

Download Hungry Shark Heroes mod – Become the strongest shark in the ocean

Following the success of Hungry Shark, which took the mobile gaming market by storm with its powerful appeal, the creators went on to release the next version, Hungry Shark Heroes. The vast sea with beautiful coral reefs on the deep sea floor. This is an excellent breeding ground for some of the most dangerous sharks in the sea. Grow your shark by eating all the creatures around it. Become a champion in this vast sea. It offers excellent 3D graphics and sharp-detailed images. We promise you an unforgettable experience. Helps you relax after strenuous activity.

Hungry Shark Heroes MOD

In Hungry Shark Heroes, go to the deep and become a shark. Your job is to eat all the creatures around you to get bigger. When large enough, it can wipe out creatures smaller than itself. Controls are very simple and easy to understand. All you have to do is control the shark with the on-screen joystick to make it move however you want. When the prey is approached, the fish automatically eats it and accumulates points. The more fish you eat, the bigger and stronger you become. Then you can eat the big sea creatures from before and become the ruler of the sea.

Hundreds of powerful sharks

If you have a passion for sharks, you don’t have to worry about the diversity of Hungry Shark Heroes. Because there are more than 120 sharks with different styles and strengths. To own them, you need to unlock them with money earned on the game screen. Play hard to earn enough money to unlock all these sharks. Doing quests is also a way to increase the amount of money you get. Each shark has special skills, so use them for hunting. Satisfy the shark’s insatiable hunger.

Hungry Shark Heroes MOD

Baby shark

Do plain sharks bore you too much? want more? Hungry Shark Heroes will meet you with the Shark Birth feature. You can fall in love with sharks and breed whole new baby sharks. The born shark will be the perfect mix between the two species and has a lot of potential. This is how you make your collection richer. Breed the sharks in your collection to create countless sharks with special shapes. If you don’t have other children, you can borrow it from a friend. Hundreds of sharks are hundreds of possible hybrids.

Fight to win

You don’t have to worry about being alone in the sea of ​​Hungry Shark Heroes. Because there are many competitors in this sea waiting to compete. Enter the PvP mode now to fight other players. Gather your strongest squad and join this terrifying battle. Control your shark to attack your opponents. Use your experience and fighting skills to defeat them. A great battle between the mighty lords of the sea. It’s a battle between players with a well-thought-out strategy to finish off enemies with huge painfully sharp teeth.

Build a dream house

Besides fighting, you can also build a dream home for yourself and relax. You can rearrange coral reefs into beautiful masterpieces. Build a nice home for your shark. You will return home through a fierce battle. Deep-sea coral reefs where sharks grow and get stronger. You will witness beautiful scenes with lights from day to night. Download the Hungry Shark Heroes mod to become the ultimate shark, devour other creatures and experience what it feels like to be a lord.

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