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Android Android 4.4 and up GAMES
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Jun 12, 2024
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Price: $0 MOD APK simulates the intensification of a hurricane in the form of an exciting energy gathering game. Players start by controlling a small storm and then have better conditions to become stronger. This process will take a lot of time as the storm can weaken as it approaches land. However, at the suggestion of the system, you will have the opportunity to possess absolute energy. Currently, you can log in and register for a simple gaming experience.

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Once you have enough energy, you begin your journey to grow and destroy everything in from the sea. Players move through areas with a lot of energy to pick it up and continue their journey. The system gives hints for weakening as you go inland. To get the first successes, you must survive minor storms or quickly destroy the weather balance of many places around the world.


The energy form that can make hurricane stronger in will appear in your path and cloud can help increase the storm wind speed. In addition, the heat points marked in red are an excellent condition for you to increase your movement speed. The system-specific annotations help players to understand them easily, and the blue dot makes your operation more stable. Finally, when the storm hits water, it will explode in strength, but its movement speed will decrease. Therefore, players need to be more able to judge the movement of the storm.

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As for the battle between hurricanes in, the fierceness is clearly visible in the live mode. Players from many parts of the world gather in this war to compete against each other. In survival mode, the player starts with the same size; you have to make an effort to become strong. Players can also create their own rooms and meet friends through invitations. If you are not connected to the internet, participate in offline tournaments with other players.

BUILDING THE STORY OF THE LIFE OF THE STORM provides all the exciting knowledge related to hurricanes and helps players develop a unique understanding of hurricanes. You will get many important hints to simplify the process of storm development. The entire gathering journey will help you expand your area of ​​influence and handle smaller storms. The specially designed challenge modes help players experience more playing fields.

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  • Increase the storm you control from small to huge and powerful.
  • The ability to swallow smaller storms is something you can only possess if you are strong enough.
  • Discover the energy conditions that make you strong.
  • The system features battles between small and large storms that affect the area you walk through.
  • Complete missions at different power milestones, which will result in improved achievements.

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