Kero Blaster APK 1.6.2

Kero Blaster APK v1.6.2

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Action
Aug 5, 2022
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Kero Blaster APK

Kero Blaster APK

He explores and experiences the world around him. The mischievous frog shows great skill when using a gun and easily snips its opponents. During this journey, the frog will discover interesting things and meet many other powerful opponents. The monsters are getting bigger and the levels of destruction are getting much harder. You will need to consider specific strategies for which objects to destroy first and how careful you are to be careful. The number of bullets fired must be quick and continuous to make the opponent lie down.

Download Kero Blaster mod – accompany the green frog to destroy the enemy

Enemies will prevent you from reaching the finish line. The road to conquest is still far away. At first, they are inexperienced and unable to attack strong opponents, causing them to die one after another. The race continues every day. It’s hard to pass if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity. Challenging landscapes and flexible up and down terrain also require you to move quickly. You will use the terrain to find shelter and avoid enemy attacks. A lone frog must fight danger alone until he reaches the finish line. Mana drains rapidly when an opponent is hit or destroyed.

It’s only when you reach the finish line in first place that you breathe a sigh of relief. Initially, you are given two hearts corresponding to the amount of blood in your body. You’ll gather that mind on your way out into battle to recharge. The more the better. During the action, the store will also help you collect coins to give you shopping later. Only money will make you stronger and destroy your opponents faster. Of course, getting gold isn’t difficult, but don’t get so absorbed in finding it that you forget your mission to destroy enemies. If there is a gap, the opponent will instantly knock you down. It is essential to be careful.

Meet colleagues on the journey

You are an employee of a newly founded company, but many mysteries are hidden. Your boss is a cat, a humanoid office worker, but the animal’s face is unknown. Those two give your opinion and refute your thoughts wherever you go. After a discussion, the better you understand the battle, the more accurate your direction will be. You and your colleagues work together on similar tasks. But many times they swear, complain, and repeat stories that hurt you. They grumble, but sometimes their consolation warms their hearts.

Upgrade your strength

Initially, only a small amount of health is provided by a few basic weapons, the Kero Blaster. Enemies with larger bodies cannot be killed, and hitting something sharp can cause bleeding. Whenever you lose a battle, you have to start over in the same way. But gradually everything has to do with the power you can possess. Collect the small into the superior, collect coins to become a huge gold store. Use the money you earn to upgrade your weapons and increase your number of life hearts to extend your matches. When the enemy fails to fight back and attacks, you must take revenge.


They pop up everywhere. Different terrain to explore and destroy enemies in different ways. Sometimes they live in high places, sometimes underground or on common roads. Monsters are also upgraded from small to huge. The larger they are, the harder they are to handle and require more strength to fight. You have to constantly snipe and angle your gun in different directions to get hit by bullets. At higher ranks, it looks dense, firing as many shots as possible to beat the cunning brain.

Animals know how to communicate and talk to each other just like real people. They specialize in invading the weak, creating plans and fighting methods to deal with daring foes. Action-themed, but cute animations will thrill you. There are many ups and downs in this unique world, but everything will be easy if you have shooting skills. Your shootout level is going up in rank as you get better with every battle. No matter how strong your opponent is, nothing is impossible if you have a top-notch weapon. Download the Kero Blaster mod to create classy action scenes and swing your gun to hit the enemy’s heart.

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