My Hospital v2.3.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

My Hospital MOD APK v2.3.5

May 19, 2024 GAMES
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Nov 24, 2022
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My Hospital MOD APK

My Hospital

Try to discover how to cure your patients in front of strange and fun diseases in my hospital. This is a mobile hospital management simulation game. My hospital is where you are looking for medicines, save lives and transform your hospital into one of the most prestigious medical centers.

In My Hospital, you will build a hospital including all treatment rooms and research rooms. The main tasks are to gradually extend the scale and plant different medicinal plants to create drugs for hundreds of patients who need help at the same time. The game is a living world where panacea and therapies are at hand.

My hospital asks players to perform many parallel tasks at the same time. They manage hospitals, cultivate medicinal plants and produce dozens of drugs to treat more than 80 fun diseases.

In addition, My Hospital players should not forget to personalize each area of ​​their medical center to help patients feel at home. The game allows you to connect with your Facebook account to visit hospitals from other players from around the world.

General Information

Theme Hospital has been born in 1997 for so long. New players are about to return to this fun and exciting range of hospital management games under the name of My Hospital developed by Cherrypick Games. My Hospital was officially launched in September 2017, published by Cherrypick Games.

My hospital places players in the position of hospitals. We equip each hospital with a team of doctors with multiple characters and patients. The player’s task is to manage his team to ensure that the patient is healed and neat, especially with the right treatment.

With such content, My Hospital found himself taken in the shadow of the person in front of Theme Hospital. However, with its creation, Cherrypick Games incorporated it with distinctive characteristics. More specifically, My Hospital is a combination of theme Hospital with the popular television series Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy is a television series that revolves around life at Seattle Grace Hospital, in the United States. It was broadcast for the first time on March 27, 2005 and almost immediately followed the success of Desperate Housewives. So far, Grey’s Anatomy has won numerous prizes, including that of the “Best 2007 television series” at the Golden Globe Award.

With My Hospital, you are not only the director of the hospital, but also the star of a television series. It will broadcast your story in three parts of four episodes each. And this also widened your mission a lot. Part of the story revolves around romance, where you have to bring together the main characters, give them time to know each other, discuss, go out and even kiss.

However, there is no simple way to manage problems. With the elements of a drama, experience overwhelming tragedies and good or bad people appearing in turn. Throughout the three parts of the game. The functionality is to make the game more alive. Concretely, your characters will be more lively and will thus bring more characteristics to the game.

How to Play My Hospital?

My Hospital is a hospital simulation game where you will play the role of a doctor. You must execute the hospital director, manage, design, treat and operate your medical center.

Let us launch ourselves in the construction of your hospital in the my hospital management game. Many tasks are waiting for players to solve them. In the game, treat patients with the most dangerous and difficult to cure diseases. In addition, players create nurseries, farms and harvest medicinal plants to create therapies for hundreds of patients in need.

In the game, you have to build and manage the hospital of your dreams. Construction of medical offices, diagnostic rooms, treatment centers and laboratories. Develop and improve your hospital and share it with your friends.

Then take care of the farm and collect medicinal plants that have healing effects, produce syrup and prepare syrup to treat more than 80 diseases. Game diseases are usually hot throat, cold hands and pneumonia. Also unlock new remedies, new treatment rooms and conditions at each level and take up exciting challenges.

Personalize your medical center to help patients feel as comfortable as at home. You have the choice between many decorations to make your hospital the best. Then show it to your friends.

We can personalize the hospital premises with decorations and accessories to put the CLie at ease. And it will also be possible to haggle and visit friends installations via Facebook.

My Hospital is available for Android for free, supported by optional integrated advertisements and purchases. You can also download it from the Play Store by clicking on the badge under the trailer for the game.

My Hospital 11

Overall Assessments

Healing work is always the main part of history. Patients should be diagnosed, examined and treated to ensure the success of the hospital they manage. Cases include benign diseases such as headache, fever and many threatening diseases.

However, as dangerous as it is, it still contains the unique elements of the fantasy and humor of theme Hospital. For example, the bulb is a disease that directly affects people who are electrified when they turn on and turn off the bulb. Or lycanthropy is an infectious disease when humans are transformed into werewolves.

In addition, many new diseases will arise at random during hospital management. And with each disease like this, you have to invest time in the search for treatments to help patients and earn money for yourself. To do this, you should not only invest a lot of money in equipment and medicines, but also make sure that your team has enough knowledge to meet the new challenges.

In addition, organizing their team in groups with expertise, concepts and similar souls is also a way to help them quickly integrate into the environment, quickly finding a remedy. Another very important part is the development of the hospital room. But this problem is well supported by My Hospital.

The game will automatically recognize the part you are trying to create by analyzing the equipment you put there. If you put a sofa, a pinball or a coffee machine in a room, it will automatically become the toilet. Meanwhile, if you bring the workstations and screens together, this will form the search room.

And above all, take the time of a reasonable development to help doctors and nurses work 80 hours a week without feeling fatigue. They build the game graphics on a beautiful 3D platform. They design the characters with personality and amusement in the spirit of the game. The interface of the game is very intuitive, the layout and the commands are like the series The SIM, with catchy colors, adapted to many ages.

Final Words

Developed by Cherrypick Games, My Hospital is a management game that simulates a hospital in which curious diseases are dealt with with elixirs. Build and manage a hospital structure with infirmaries, laboratories, offices, diagnostic rooms, treatment centers and all the staff used.

Welcome patients, diagnose different diseases and set up good treatments. We are based on patient care on plants with specific properties. Cultivate and harvest to create specific concoctions for more than 80 diseases.

My hospital is not too refreshing from the thematic hospital. However, it seems to have a very particular attraction. Using a highly anticipated scenario based on a television program with many critics of mixed players, but at least this combination offers a much more refreshing gameplay, which in previous games can never do it.

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