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Jan 11, 2023
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Price: $0 MOD APK (High money/Score) is a game that combines fun images with super fun gameplay. You might know the game called Human Fall Flat on PC, the impression that the characters are moving. But we want this experience on mobile, where it’s a suitable game. Choose your favorite character and you’ll be placed on a fierce but fun battlefield. Your task is still simple. Being the last survivor, that’s all. But the humor here is how the characters move and do combat tasks. The shape of the character with hands and feet is fun like a lump of flour. MOD APK

Download mod – Survival but fun

It’s an action game, but instead of drama and suspense, it brings laughter and fun. The game has images, scenes and movements that are non-physically fun. How to make a character you control, grab, carry, and throw opponents off the field can’t stop laughing. The game also has a simple gameplay, just move the button, grab the opponent and flip the switch. In each battle, players also appear on other maps, chess maps, snow maps, learning tables, and rooftops. A variety of costumes are also waiting for players to own. There are creative outfits: nurse outfit, robot outfit or diver outfit, magician, astronaut and more. Play to control a fun character and survive to the end. MOD

Your day is not happy. You just finished a mountain of work and need a laugh. Then download and play now. The game has been downloaded over 10 million times, which is by no means insignificant. The humor and laughter this game brings is why people are curious and want to try it. The game offers an easy way to play, control your character, grab enemies and throw them out of the arena. Acting clowns and manipulating characters will help prolong the laughs. The number of maps you can play on varies greatly, and you may have to survive on a chessboard. It could be on a white mountain or on the roof of a skyscraper.

Simple and fun gameplay

It’s a survival game, but you only need three buttons to win. When moving the control buttons, players are actually accustomed to the round buttons that are the four arrows on the left side of the screen. The second button, which has the essential function of grabbing and carrying opponents. Approach your opponent and press or hold this button to take control and you must throw them off the field. If you are restrained, this button will activate to help you get out of the dangerous arm. The last button above the enemy hold button helps you get up if you fall. The beauty of the game is the way the characters walk and act. Presumably, the creators of the game modeled it on flour, made a head, arms and legs, and walked like a skunk. The colorful lumps of flour, soft like marshmallows, are interesting. MOD

Lots of costumes

The game creates 44 new outfits in eye-catching colors ready to serve players. Gamers can choose for themselves special suits for divers or astronauts. Gamers can also choose a robot or nurse outfit. The game also features a magician costume with a hat that has become an iconic accessory. Also noticeable is the black cat costume. Don’t worry it’s hard for you to get those quality skins. All of them can be purchased with the gold you earn from each victory. The skins are all priced at 1000 gold, making it easy to choose.

Diverse game maps

Players will hardly feel bored as each battle takes place on a separate battlefield. Each play map has a scene. Blocks are detailed and have characteristics. An epic battle between you and your opponent can take place on a chessboard. Places are created according to their physical appearance. The King and Queen also block the player’s path. You can even fight on the roof of a tall building. And when you get kicked out of there, you get a ticket that allows you to log out of the level immediately. The game also has other maps that are equally impressive, such as the snow mountain map and the tabletop map. Enough to make any battle unforgettable.

Also, the game’s music is fun and playful, and it suits the clowning the game has to offer. When you create a character, you get a very funny personality. The image is also lovely and soft. These strange properties and traits are helpful when players experience a crispy laugh. Also, the player’s opponents will be real people, not computers. Download the mod to kick your opponents off the pitch and laugh out loud!

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