Vector 2 Premium v1.2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Vector 2 Premium MOD APK v1.2.1

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Arcade
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MOD/APK (Unlimited Money)
Feb 22, 2022
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Vector 2 Premium MOD APK


Vector 2 MOD APK is the best action and fighting game on Android platform. Most fighting game enthusiasts know about Nekki’s publisher. Publishers have already released many fighting games with shadow effects. This is also one of the developer’s products. Before releasing Vector games on Android. After Vector had more success, the developers of the app provided a second version. I made it small in the starter version. This part 2 version has many improvements and changes from developer Nekkid.

Vector 2 MOD

Game mode

In Vector 2 MOD APK, one shadow character has arrived in the human body lab at the start stage. A criminal organization called the Dictator has kidnapped innocent people from the city. They don’t know anything about this study. Some people stay in rooms with high security. They can’t escape the lab. However, a man escaped the laboratory using a loophole. The alarm should start to work and all places are full of defense objects. A deadly dangerous laser has been activated. The laser sensor is activated because it kills anyone who escapes. You must cross all deadly objects.


. The gameplay in the first version was also similar to this one. In this second version there are no more differences. Only some character changes and level difficulties have been raised. Also, character controls have not changed. So the player can control the character with the old controls. All text controls provided are easy to understand. Also, you are instructed on the gameplay of the first level.

In Vector 2 MOD APK, players can control a vector character using gesture actions. Use swipe gestures to cross all deadly objects and give your performance in different ways. For more actions, you need to swipe the gesture in different directions. Swipe up screen gestures to jump and climb objects. The approaching deadly objects easily defeat you. So jump over the easy crossing hurdles. Swipe down on screen gestures to slide down and roll your character. The laser can be used primarily from the top, so use the bottom gesture.

Vector 2 MOD APK Each level has a more extensive and substantial laboratory area. So you have to travel and cross huge laboratories. The main objective of the player is to reach all ends of the level. You have started in another lab with a new level by completing all the levels. On the way to you you will face many laser objects and obstacles. Oncoming objects are static and movable, so more practice is required. Improve your skills to learn about difficulty object crossing by completing all levels.

Vector 2 MOD apk

Run for your life

Until the end of the Vector 2 MOD APK game, the player needs to run through all levels. You are the only human to escape the lab. So if you want to live, run away from the lab. Even more challenging challenges towards the end of the level. Prepare your skills for the cross. You can move your character much more simply by jumping, rolling, and moving down. Some item methods are introduced beyond the level. You can buy new items in the shop and use them at all levels. Useful for completing levels without failing.

Gear up

In Vector 2 MOD APK everyone will be introduced to different items. In the first version of , items and equipment were not visible. In this version you can see life saving items to complete the level. These items are beneficial and upgradeable. Many items are available, for example magnet sucker, adrenaline, ultimate chip detector and more. The Magnet Manipulator item is sucking in all items within 3 meters. All items only have a limited distance to work with. Adrenaline items help you get an additional 40 bonus from the tokens you receive. The ultimate chip detector item, very useful for finding chips in the lab. Provides an additional chance to detect chips by up to 25%.

Upgrade character kits

The first version does not contain character safety requirements. This item is very useful for protecting your character from deadly objects. If you are hit by a laser or attacked, your health is reduced slightly. Without an arm and a helmet, your stamina will decrease a lot. Available protection items can be used as an upgrade method. Helmets, boots, body armor, gloves, and belts are currently available. Buy and equip items to increase your character’s power.

Vector 2 MOD free


Most Nekki developers use 3D graphics in their released products. Useful and helpful to look at. Eye-catching graphics and all elements are created with graphic animation. When you get hit or attacked by a laser, sound effects are amazing. Each level contains colorful elements. Needless to say more about graphics and animations. Kudos to the developers for providing these animated graphics.


Overall, we have covered all the details about Vector 2 MOD APK. This fantastic Android action game. The number of game users is increasing day by day. Vector 2 game has gained a lot of fans and received positive reviews on Google Play Store. In the original version, you have to upgrade your gear and wait for rewards slowly. Get unlimited rewards and items for free with the MOD version. Download the MOD version from below article available link.

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