Pixel Car Racer v1.2.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Pixel Car Racer MOD APK v1.2.5

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Android Android 4.4 and up GAMES
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Feb 9, 2024
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Pixel Car Racer MOD APK

Pixel Car Racer is a racing game with impressive game modes that will give you interesting experiences in the pixel world. Depending on the mode, the environment you see changes and the weather has similarities. In addition, as a winner, you will also receive rewards that you can use to buy different vehicles and improve their performance.

Pixel Car Racer 1


In Pixel Car Racer, players will notice certain changes when playing if there is a graphics change. In particular, the game’s graphics have been upgraded to 64 bit, so it can be said that the quality of the graphics has been improved. The game also removes ads to make the gaming experience more transparent and optimized. At the same time, it fully supports large screen devices on which the game can be played comfortably.


Players experience racing in the pixel world of Pixel Car Racer. Your car moves in a horizontal line and depending on the characteristics of the game mode you choose, the environment also changes. For example, in Drag mode, you only see two divided roads and two cars trying to drive towards the finish line. Street mode brings players back to roads full of traffic that you have to pay attention to.

Pixel Car Racer 2


An interesting point that every player will surely enjoy when playing Pixel Car Racer is the freedom they can use regarding terrain and weather. More specifically, after selecting the mode and difficulty level of the game screen, you will be offered a choice of location and weather. As mentioned above, the game mode determines the characteristics of the road on which they have to drive. In both modes, four types of weather are applied, including snow, day, night and rain.

The first mode you will experience in this game is the drag mode, where you will try to reach a high speed and beat the opponent. At the beginning of the race, you will warm up the tires by repeatedly pressing the accelerator, but you should pay attention when the system tells you to wait and drive to the starting line. Then you must pay attention to the green notification light to rush forward. The speedometer will reach the red line and signal you that you need to press the shift button to accelerate and keep doing the same.

Pixel Car Racer 3

The second mode is the street mode, where you will not face one opponent, but several. In particular, you can drive on a wider road than in the above mode, but cars will appear. This incident will be announced by a red exclamation mark.


You are motivated to participate in many levels in Pixel Car Racer to earn money that you can use to buy cars and spare parts. You will see many different vehicles and they all possess a stat that anyone could wish for. Moreover, this is just the beginning because you will be shocked at how much money you have to spend on car parts to improve the performance of your vehicle, such as tires, turbos, nos and much more. When you actually have a quality car, you will have full confidence to beat other competitors.

Pixel Car Racer 4

The racing experience in the pixel world is enjoyable with elements like

  • Players can select the game mode they want and the environmental characteristics will be changed shortly after.
  • Before starting the race, players will select the track and various weather characteristics to satisfy their curiosity.
  • You will try to overtake your opponent in Drag mode by accelerating your car precisely through multiple gear shifts.
  • In Street mode, a large road awaits you and there will always be surprises that you must solve to complete the level.
  • Various vehicles with different designs and specific statistics can be upgraded by equipment purchased from the shop.

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