Zombie Hill Racing v2.3.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK v2.3.2

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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 GAMES
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(Unlimited Money)
Dec 20, 2022
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Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK

Perhaps simple car racing has made you feel repetitive and boring. Come to Zombie Hill Racing to try out an oddly engaging experience. The race is no ordinary obstacle, but bloodthirsty zombies. They will always try to take your life so you have to rely on your natural instincts. Fight and survive this great tribulation with all your might. Same car but normal racing and racing with zombies will definitely bring more excitement. Your survival will decide for yourself. Sign up now and do your best.

A car equipped with many accessories will definitely attract others’ attention. But what about vehicles equipped with weapons to fight zombies? Surely you can’t imagine how hegemony it is. Driving a custom car with spikes and guns, bombs and bullets to the roof will definitely be the coolest car ever. Combined with your best driving skills, mindless zombies will leave you breathless in amazement. With a little luck, we may be able to open a new future for mankind.

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK

Download Zombie Hill Racing mod – Racing in the midst of the zombie apocalypse

you wake up to find that a zombie plague has spread throughout the surrounding area. You are the only survivor in the area, so you must save yourself. Confused about what to do, you hear a radio broadcast about a gathering place for the remaining survivors. Are you going to go to the army and live with a shabby car and leftover fuel? Learn a little about the tough journey.

Zombie Hill Racing Free MOD APK

Build your own powerful car

In a world full of zombies, a Lambogini certainly couldn’t be more useful than a fully armed pickup, right? But don’t think because the game is not that simple. Start with a shabby, ugly, simple car that can fit in a junkyard. You will earn money and upgrade to become a tank full of necessary accessories. From spikes to guns, wheel upgrades and everything you need to complete your journey. It plays an important role in determining whether a task can be performed.

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK

Various environments to explore

Every time you upgrade your car, it gets stronger and goes a little farther. If you collect from small to large, the distance will gradually increase and you will meet the supply point. However, the journey is still very long when you need to accumulate and upgrade bit by bit. Focusing on fuel upgrades will help your runs last longer. Alternatively, you can use less energy and get a little more speed with the wheels. But most special are the powerful weapons that will clear the way for zombies. Combine optimally for best performance.

Zombies stand in your way

Each field continuously changes according to the distance traveled. Uniquely designed and visually diverse, providing constant change to the player. Each environment has special terrain, so players will need flexible processing power to overcome them. Don’t forget to upgrade your vehicle to suit the environment so that the process of saving yourself is no longer difficult.

During this pandemic, it is extremely difficult to find someone as uninfected as you are. Surrounded by zombies, they are always waiting and killing you at any moment. Don’t worry too much because they will have to give up because of your huge arsenal. But because of their overwhelming numbers, they will always find a way to stop you from being saved. Avoiding it as much as possible would be your best option. But when there is no other way, all you have to do is run straight to it.
zombie hill racing android

There are also different types of zombies and different abilities. Little things won’t be a big deal for your car. But as you progress, bigger things can get in your way if you don’t have a weapon to take them down. The most special is the silver-bodied mutant, which will be a terror to everyone who joins this game.

Zombie Hill Racing mode is a game where players have to combine driving and survival skills. The ability to consider finances and upgrade the car at the same time. The experience of driving among hordes of zombies will be very stimulating. Don’t wait, join us right here.

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