RogueMaster MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Energy/God mode/Attack multiplier) 1.001

RogueMaster MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Energy/God mode/Attack multiplier)

Last Modified - July 1, 2023 Action
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Action
Jan 12, 2023
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RogueMaster MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Energy/God mode/Attack multiplier)

A thrilling action game featuring the lovable character RogueMaster. Dear players, a new adventure has begun. Don’t hesitate any longer. The greatest door has been opened. What mysteries await players? Only you can find the answer to this thrilling adventure. Players who love adventure and the most eye-catching, top-notch battles. RogueMaster is the game that players deserve the most time to experience. Players transform into heroes in this exciting action game. Yes, being a hero has ultimate power. And we shoulder the weighty responsibility of protecting the land on which we live.

RogueMaster MOD APK

Download RogueMaster mod – Become the savior of your homeland.

Will RogueMaster’s players be able to handle the heavy responsibility that falls on their shoulders? Injustice is everywhere, and the little creatures around suffer when one day the players suddenly become the only saviors. Peaceful little villages have been destroyed and left ashes. Darkness gradually covers everywhere and hordes of huge and brutal monsters are everywhere. It’s time to rise up and fight!

RogueMaster MOD

The door to the darkest world, the Logmaster, has opened to await the hero. Your battle weapons and armor are ready. Wear it and face the challenge. An arduous journey can throw players back. Rely on the strengths of players who make a name for themselves and play RogueMaster games by giving up quickly and running or overcoming challenges. The darkest of enemies and dark hells are open. Prepare for everything and face it. Crisp graphics depict action scenes in a stunning and engaging way. When fighting, players will feel good with RogueMaster effects. The sound is superbly invested and true.

Lovely hero character

Although the RogueMaster game has action gameplay that requires the most intense fight scenes. However, the characters in this game have adorable looks unlike the gameplay. These are captivating images with very cute chibi style characters. In fact, players in the game RogueMaster must love the character they own very much. The game’s characters have petite appearances and often wear pretty large ears. These can be naughty long white bunny ears, very nice bear ears, or slightly naughty cat ears. Players are also free to choose and change the outfit they want. A vast inventory of costumes gives players the freedom to create their character’s outfits. The female characters will wear fancy dresses and the male characters will wear fancy outfits.

RogueMaster MOD APK free

Easy operation

Players can fight by easily controlling their character with the buttons on the screen. Combat key combinations and the skills the player has collected appear on the right. The keys to move the character and panoramic map are on the left side of the screen. Players can easily control and master battles when facing enemies. Items the player must collect to complete the mission appear centered above. Based on that, pay attention to how to collect as many items as possible, players. Besides, thanks to the locator key, you can easily control your current location. Players can quickly move from one location to another by selecting a location on the map, occasionally hiding from enemy pursuit when in a weak position.

Defeat the ultimate boss.

All lands on the player-controlled character’s hometown have been captured. And other than that, they are evil monsters with terrifying power. The battles players will have to overcome will be tough. Collect and equip a lot of rare equipment to become stronger. There are too many enemies. If they don’t get stronger, dear players, they can collapse at any time. Accompanying the player are adorable summons that will greatly support and help. The gameplay is simple, only the familiar attacks of cutting and slashing. So players won’t have too much headache learning attacking techniques. Destroy the boss by equipping the best skills to complement your slash and slash attacks.

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