Traffic Tour v2.6.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Traffic Tour MOD APK v2.6.3

June 26, 2024 GAMES
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up GAMES
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(Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Jun 23, 2024
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Traffic Tour MOD APK

Traffic Tour- Traffic Rider & Car Racer Game is a game where players experience driving on a real road with different vehicles. You will be able to control your car properly and overcome the many challenges that each mode brings. At the same time, you can improve your driving skills by taking on unique challenges and unlocking new vehicles. The upgrade parts will surely give your car an impressive speed.

Traffic Tour 1


In Traffic Tour, players can expect exciting gameplay where they will drive their car on a road full of vehicles heading in the same direction. From there, players will try to follow the traffic rules and avoid collisions with other vehicles. It is a game that requires players to have certain control and reflex skills as they participate in different game modes. Every mode has interesting point that player will discover.

When playing this game, players choose the appropriate control method and the three options that remain popular in racing games are steering wheel, buttons and tilt. Of course, each control method has different characteristics that you need to try to choose the right one. In addition, the viewing angle is also an indispensable factor when players can view the environment from a comprehensive third-person perspective or a realistic first-person perspective.

Traffic Tour 2


Players will find many exciting game modes in Traffic Tour, and of course, each of them has different characteristics that you can consider. In particular, the most basic mode you will find is the Career mode, where players will find an impressive number of levels. Each level has a requirement that must be met, and one must try not to collide with other vehicles while driving. Therefore, this can be considered a mode where players can hone their skills.

Traffic Tour 3

If you want to collect some items in the game, the endless mode is suitable. The requirement of this gameplay is straightforward that you can get as far as possible, similar to the “running to infinity” game genre. On the road full of vehicles, some items will appear that correspond to the amount of money appearing on the road, which you can easily pick up. There is also a game screen that helps you get blueprints of various vehicles.

If you want to play with other player or your friends Racing Now is suitable. In particular, you have the choice to play with friends or any player on a road full of vehicles. Whoever reaches the finish line first is the winner and the opponents you will face in this mode are not to be underestimated. You will see them overtaking other vehicles at high speed and with impressive skill.

Traffic Tour 4


According to the modes you experience in Traffic Tour, the goal you want to achieve is to experience a variety of vehicles with different designs. With a stunning design, you will be completely mesmerized when you see them for the first time. You will also find parts that you can upgrade in these cars. After upgrading, don’t forget to take them on the track to get used to the new speed. Each type has different speed limits that you must be aware of.


  • There are no time or fuel limits when playing car racing games.
  • There are many different camera options including first person, third person, driver camera and others.
  • There are many control options including tilt, buttons and steering wheel.
  • There are five different game modes: multiplayer, endless, career, time trial and freewheel.
  • In career mode, you can complete 100 missions.
  • There are five realistic locations to choose from: highway, city, desert, rain and snow, all with day and night periods.
  • A total of 40 different vehicles with the option to change their colors and wheels
    . You can unlock cars by collecting or purchasing blueprints.
  • Improve your car’s performance characteristics such as speed, handling and braking.
  • Trucks, buses, vans, cars, pickups and SUVs are some of the many types of traffic vehicles.
  • Multiplayer race where you can compete against your friend and other player from around the world.
  • The ability to use the Nitrous (Nitro) feature when playing in multiplayer mode.

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